Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Grand Finale at Disneyland Hong Kong

Now I know that I've been shoving Disney into your face for the past few days. I'm sorry but I just couldn't help it. Blogging is a way for us to document our travels, & document our travels we'd have to.

When you're in Disneyland, do not leave before 7pm. That's when they whole night sky becomes alive with music, colours & light...

Not to mention the chemical smoke.

You see, at 7pm every night, they would release tens of thousands of dollars worth of fireworks into the sky. And when they're burning money like that, you'd better make it a point to stay & watch, or else Uncle Walt won't be very happy.

Fireworks never cease to amaze us, & at Disneyland, they had almost every kind imaginable up there.

There were those that looked like dandelions.

And also those that shot like shooting stars.

Then there were others that looked like single solo missiles on its way to the middle east.

While others were just plain chaotic & didn't know where they were going, or what they were doing.

And so the spectacular show ended, & we went home with fireworks residues in our lungs.

I was kidding about the residues lah. The fireworks were actually far enough from the audience for them to feel anything. But haiya, Hong Kong's air pollution index is probably worst, if not just as bad.

And so now I have to sing this customary Disney song:
Now it's time to say goodbye to all our company,
M-I-C - see you real soon,
K-E-Y - why? because we love you!


James TC Wong said...

Great blog! I like it! God bless!

Greg Wee said...

Hi James. Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong disneyland is the funnest place in the world, it's SO magical!!!

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