Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Disney Train

This is Mr. Walt Disney.

Such was his genius that he had a way of making logical, intelligent & mature people like us into little innocent, wide-eyed & excitable 6-year olds.

Nee & I were not exceptional in this case. When Donald beckons, we buy.

The tickets costed us about HKD150 (RM70) each for a day's pass. We figured one day was enough cos we heard that Disneyland Hong Kong wasn't that big. But Goofy seemed to reassure us that it was gonna be worth the money.

O-heeogh heeeogh heeogh! Gosh, you folks made the right
decision thar! It's gonna be fun!

This is the station where we're supposed to wait for the arrival of the train from Disneyland.

We could actually feel the excitement & the electricity of Disney even before it's arrival...

Umm, maybe it was because we were standing too close to the cable lines. I wasn't sure.

But one thing's for sure, when the train arrived, it felt like the train we were waiting for 20-30 years has finally, really arrived.

This was the real deal. It wasn't something that we'd see only on TV anymore.

This was the Disney train, and it was going to take us to whole new world. At that moment, I suddenly knew what Wendy & the gang felt as they started flying off with Peter Pan into Never Neverland.

The Disney train itself was something like a mini-Disneyland.

Mickey was there, in a glass cage.

And so was Tinkerbell.

And this was our Never Neverland.

Before we continue on, please excuse us for the following touristy photos.
We had to do this you know. It's one of those obligatory 'been there, done that' kinda photos.

Donald was sulking, Mickey was riding on the surfboard, & I was either doing a Bollywood or a Monkey King number.

Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland!

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