Thursday, May 28, 2009

Greg & Nee in Winter Sonata

I know it's the cheesiest Photoshop job ever executed on the face of the internet, but it's just something quick & cheap to keep you entertained while we're away.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Korean Madness

In all madness, we are currently in Korea, Seoul to be exact, and will be heading to Jeju Island for about 4 days. We have not been blogging enough, we know. No recipes, no nothing but our travel. So sorry. This madness will temper off after this trip. We don't forsee anything else for the next half of the year.

Pray for us! We have our masks, our tamiflu tablets, our vites and our whatever to make sure that we don't cause any outbreaks of the almighty S****Flu.

Cant wait to eat our hearts out. Then we would know what authentic Korean food is like. Would definitely feel confident blogging Korean recipes after this I think. Fingers crossed that I can find some nice Korean cooking utensils and dinnerwares. I can see Greg's face cringing, and his muscles too! But it is all for his own good. No meal is for free!

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