Friday, June 6, 2008

Of Venetian & Fatburgers

There's a saying here in Kuching, If there's no fish, prawns also can do.

Both of us have always dreamt of going to Europe but usually when one thing leads to another, our priorities change, & before we know it, we've committed ourselves to a holiday somewhere else instead.

So since we've never been to the real Venice, we settled for the prawns in Macau.

This is The Venetian, in Macau. You can breathe now.

It costs a whopping USD1.8 billion to build this place. So it had to be good.

It is 40-stories high & with that kind of construction, it might have contributed to the rise in world steel prices.

This great idea is owned by the Las Vegas Sands hotel-casino chain. I think they've got a similar one there.

The exterior is a collection of famous sites & buildings in Venice, reproduced here for the pleasure of Asians who may be too lazy to make the trip to Europe.

Sorry we don't know the names of these reproductions because we have never stepped one foot in Europe yet. We are still very the sua ku (mountain aunties).

The Venetian is now the current holder of many records.

It is the largest single structure hotel building in Asia and the third-largest building in the world. Now I think it definitely contributed to the rise in steel prices worldwide.

As with most structures in Europe, it also had the compulsory nude statues.

But as with most nude statues, plants seem to know where to grow in appropriate places.

Due to the considerate plants, the buildings & statues are safe for kids. Parental Guidance advised.

Our experience with the exterior was simply breathtaking & eye-popping.

Our eyes popped so much outside that weren't prepared for what was waiting for us inside.

This is the ultimate example of excess in its utmost capacity.

If my Grandma ever saw this, she'd probably yell something like kim kau bo kuan (golden until no manners).
I think we'd almost agree with her in these times of spiralling costs, price hikes, food shortage & 'hardships'.

But all the same, these were sights to behold.

I personally haven't seen such luxury & grandeur as royal as this before.

Even Ting Pek Khing's house is no match for this.

This is the hotel front desk. There are 3000 suites altogether in this place.

The suites cost HKD1988-3188. That's something like RM885-1420 per night. Yeah, I know. If my eyeballs were still in their sockets, they'd be popping out again.

With that kind of price, everything has got to be classy.

Classy musicians.

Classy tenor.

Classy wrestlers.

Even the toilet has got more class than both of us.

The casino here is the largest in the world with 3400 slot machines and 800 gambling tables open 24-7.

The concept behind The Venetian is basically to provide an experience as close as possible to really being in Venice.

Therefore they even have waterways inside the mall.

And handsome singing Gondola guys.

And more statues in the middle of the square.

Ngai Tee. This one moved. Almost made me pee in my pants.

I almost wanted to whack him in reflexive self-defence.

The whole place was an optical illusion of being outdoors.

The dome was made to look like real Venetian blue sky.

So it was a good place to take lots of pictures & fool the folks back in the mountains.

There's not a lot of shops nor a lot of individual restaurants at The Venetian.

However, for a wider variety of selection, the food court would be the place to go to.

I think Nee had something like a dessert & one of the famous Hong Kong roast duck rice.

As for me, I couldn't help but being attracted to this.

The name was intriguing. In our health conscious society today, even Kentucky Fried Chicken has opted for KFC to avoid using the word 'Fried' which conjures up images of oily cholesterols. But but but FATBURGER???

Smooth sweaty oily fat burgers as how it should be. These were MAN burgers. Gotta have them since they're The Last Great Hamburger Stand!

So succumbing to my manly hunger, I ordered a set.

The onion rings were good but but but the Fatburger wasn't fat at all.

I looked at the receipt again.

The receipt didn't entirely know what it was talking about. It wasn't big. It was whimp size. But I have to hand it to them. It was juicy & it was tasty.

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