Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 3: Greg & Nee in Jeju City

In case that made your jaw drop, NO, we did not go to Jeju island again. We don't have that much money.

We haven't been updating our blog for quite sometime now, and our posts on our Jeju holiday got left behind like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone.

We thought that was unfair & that it's best to finish up the unfinished business. My mom used to tell me if you start something, make sure you do it well, and finish it off.

There's not much to see in Jeju City itself as most breathtaking touristy spots are spread out along the other coastal areas of the island. Nevertheless, if you happen to be there, you should take a walk along the promenade which starts somewhere at the Ramada Plaza Hotel.

By the way, the abalone porridge place which we were at that morning was just behind this hotel.

The promenade was clearly done up for tourists, with designs & artwork that depict the beautiful sea creatures of the island.

But I could only see seafood.

And somewhere halfway through the promenade walkway, there's this set of stairs that went down into the deep blue waters.

And at a distance, we saw a strange army of orange bobbing things out at sea. That got Nee all excited. I seldom see her like that, except when she's near the vicinity of an LV store.

Holy North Korean spies! They've made it as far down south to Jeju! It looked like an invasion.

Then one of them casually climbed out of the waters & clambered onto the street. It wasn't Kim Jong Il, but an old lady instead, in a sexy black wet suit.

That was an amazing experience. We had just had an encounter with one of the legendary women divers of Jeju. And she was crossing the street to her house so casually like she was just returning from the fish market.

You really couldn't tell these divers were old ladies until they change into their everyday auntie gear.
And they're probably going home now to cook abalone porridge for their very healthy grandkids. Imagine growing up under these iron lung-ed ladies. You've just got to give them the respect cos they earned it.

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