Saturday, May 23, 2009

Champs Elysees: Every Woman's Dream Destination

Guess what? We're not done yet with our Paris posting! I know this is really embarassing cos there's still the London & the Star Cruise trips also from last year. We're really feeling like a dog chasing its own tail, going round & round but not getting anywhere close, and the Korea trip is just round the corner.

In Paris, there's one place where all women will flock to and I'm not talking about the Eiffel tower. In comparison, Eiffel is a WANT. This is a NEED. NEE: Yes he is right. LV is a need. I know many would proclaim LV as ugly but it does not matter, it is a NEED...Muahhhahaha...

Champs Elysees is used to be like the shopping capital of Paris. This is where all the branded goods are. This is where the streets will leave deep scars on your swipe cards. But nowadays it is still touristy but not so much of selection anymore.

Ehmm...touristy because this is every woman's dream destination, and every man's nightmare vacation.

For this is where the infamous Louis Vuitton is located.

This is the arch enemy of all men, the symbol of pure evil.

This is the HQ of all LV stores, the great grandmother of all over-priced handbags.

Being our very first time there, it was quite an experience. Although we don't have the pictures to prove it, the place was actually packed with Asians. It was so crowded inside that at some point, it felt like I was in one of those Penang tourist shops which sell the famous biscuits. LV knows the Asians are suckers for their handbags & they do not pull any punches in hiring mostly Asian salesgirls.

Oh, Nee has this theory about the popularity of LV as compared to the other brands. LV has managed to place itself as an expensive brand, but one that you can afford if you worked hard & saved enough. It's something like a branded AirAsia. Now everyone can LV.

For Nee, this was like performing the haj pilgrimage. I'm glad she doesn't have an LV Kiblat sticker on our bedroom ceiling.
NEE: Not so bad la....for those of you planning to buy one, wait till you see LV in Paris. You will never want to buy another in Malaysia or even Hong Kong. The price difference is like at least RM300 to up RM1500 for all the products, also because of the tax rebate of 12% when you exit European countries. Say a Neverfull PM will cost around RM2300 in KL but only RM 1850 in Paris. And if our currency is stronger, gosh who can resist right! So ladies Go Paris and Bring your Hubby along. He will never say NO in a city so romantic.

Ok. That was intense. We (I) need to take a break.

Now of course, LV wasn't the only thing at Champs Elysees. There were other shops as well, selling normal things like branded chocolates. But this is chocolate is everywhere in Paris. This is just one of them.

When I stepped inside, there were so many varieties of chocolates that I started losing my photographic sense.

Now, I'm a self-confessed chocolate lover, but I do watch my intake levels as too much chocolates can cause volcanic erruptions on my face. And Parisian choc is REALLY Good. Not the sweet till your face all bunch up in middle. And they are so prettily presented.

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