Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ah Koon Western Knife Fish Balls in Johor: Day 1

This is no kung fu movie although the name may suggest something like that.

We were in Johor Bahru & Singapore for a break about a couple of weeks ago. We normally like to stop by JB to meet up with my ex-uni mates Chia Hwee and his wife Sabrina. This couple is one of the most hospitable friends that we have, always ferrying us around and feeding us all the time. But come to think of it, when they were in Kuching, we were also guilty of feeding them until they exploded. So I guess what goes around, comes around!

As it normally happens with us, we were whisked off straight from the airport to Ah Koon's fishball place. According to Chia Hwee, this place is famous for their sito fish products ~ west knife fish (direct translation).

The eatery requires you to pick your own noodle (dry or soup; thick, rice, vermicelli or lao soo fen), followed by the items that you fancy.

This is one of their specialties - fried fish cakes side order dipped in chilli sauce.

This was what we had:
Dried noodles in soya

Oyster soup.

Soup noodles.

Soup with a variety of yong tao foo items
The fish items were definitely the main attraction here. They were all amazingly smooth and impossibly crunchy. I wouldn't want to imagine what they did to achieve such effects. Let's just assume that it was real culinary kungfu.

This place is supposedly very famous. I saw a lot of photos of Singaporean actors on the wall eating fishballs. But we do find all the items a wee bit too salty for our taste and we could also taste the msg. But nonetheless there were tasty & definitely enjoyable!

This was where we stayed at in JB. It's a relatively new hotel called Paragon (recommended by Chia Hwee).
The tip here is to always go for a newer hotel, as they would have special introductory rates, & newer rooms.


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