Friday, May 8, 2009

A Sarawakian Laksa in Melbourne: Day 7

There is something about Sarawakians and our laksa. It's like the English & their tea. We could travel all the way to Melbourne, & we'd still want our laksa there.

On the 7th day in Melbourne, I cooked laksa for Roger & his housemate, Anson. He practically slurped the whole thing up & proclaimed it as being as close to the real thing. Anson of course didn't know what it was but he has been hearing Roger yakking about it.

I know it probably looked like the real thing, but I also think that Roger has been away from Kuching for far too long. He has been talking about Sarawak laksa, even to girls he just met.

This one's made from Mrs Yeo's paste, brought all the way from Kuching, for the boys in Melbourne. Will blog the recipe one day.

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