Saturday, June 6, 2009

Greg & Nee Back from Seoul

GREG: Hi everyone! We're back! (Actually we were back on Wed midnite after a whole day of flying. That's a long story which we will keep for later) We've just downloaded about 1400 pics onto our laptop. Lots of editing work to do...

South Korea has always been one of the few places that I've been wanting to go (only second to Japan) especially now with all the Korean Wave & all that. I'm not much into the Korean craze but I've always been interested in pop culture.
Our trip wasn't really a well planned one as we didn't really have the time to do that. We got what we thought were the appropriate travel guide books & we pinned down the hotels early. However, much of the transportation & itenary were left till the very day before we flew & dealt with on the plane.

We had our concerns about language difficulties but everything went smoothly throughout & the only thing that was a bit uncomfortable in Seoul was a couple of days of hot weather, & the less than impressive antique MAS Airbus 330 without the individual entertainment console.
NEE: Also please note that nowadays, MAS has the habit of changing people's flight times due to flight consolidation & low passenger load. So always check before you are due to fly. It happened to us twice already; once on the trip to Melb & now to Seoul.

Will write more this weekend! Thanks for staying with us even though we virtually disappeared for the last 10 days. Ye shall be rewarded soon.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Greg & Nee in Seoul

Hi! We're finally back in Seoul after about 4 days in romantic Jeju island. That was 4 days of nature, sea, cycling, women divers, black pig pork BBQ, lots of Jeju folk culture, hiking & lots of zinc intake from all that seafood.

Seoul is all hustle & bustle. We're located just next, like really next, like a spit away from Myeongdong area, where the shopping & food stalls are. Wait a minute. Actually, we ARE staying IN Myeondong!
We've been binging, and for the ake of our readers, we are taking an oath to eat more. Keep on reading! :)

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