Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 3: Another Insane Meal at Sashimi Street

The Jeju city promenade walk ended here with touristy mosaics depicting the popular places on the island just in case you missed out any.

We never saw any sabre-toothed walruses in Jeju throughout our stay there but there was one here for some reason.
Besides the black lava rocks, two other things that you'd always find in Jeju would be Women Divers & Lighthouses.

It was about then we started getting curious. No, it wasn't about the lighthouse, nor was it about the women divers.
We realised that we were about the only tourists there in the whole of Jeju city that whole day.

I was wondering if we were at the wrong place, & that all the other tourists were happily snapping away their I-was-there pictures in some other exotic locations & we were here looking at exciting wavebreakers.

We saw a few women divers coming up to this little shack. Apparently they sell their straight-from-the-sea goodies there, especially the seaweed, right away to the nearby restaurants.

This is the real definition of FRESH. You can't get any fresher than this. Anything fresher than this would see us eating seafood underwater.

This explains the whole stretch of seafood restaurants that lined the street there with buckets of swimming fishes, abalones and shellfishes. We didn't really know which one to go for but we knew we had to settle for one which had at least some basic English in the menu.

It was quite an unnerving experience to walk through that street. Business seemed to be slow that afternoon, and don't forget, we were the only two clueless tourists there in the whole of Jeju city. So it really felt like walking through a red light district in Bangkok. The restaurants owners were really coaxing us, & we were really afraid to make eye contact for fear that would mean consent cos we weren't sure of the social rules there. But in the end, we found one with a menu to our liking.

If I still remember correctly, it was about 4.30pm at that time and we wanted to head back towards Pyoseon Beach before it turns dark. But the journey is usually not over until we have one more meal.

And you would have thought we had learned our lesson with sashimi meals. I mean a real, big, hearty sashimi meal. So in Jeju that day, we had the earliest dinner ever in both our whole entire lives combined, including the ones to come. For 60000 KRW (MYR 180) we had the following:

Side dishes:
Seaweeds, kimchi, salads.

These are the more interesting ones. This may look like salted fish but it wasn't. It tasted more like fried/dried & it was on the sweet side.

Fish skin salad.

Octopus salad.

First course of shellfishes (again). Just in case you're wondering about the shell. It's probably there just for decoration, although I'm sure the contents must be somewhere on the platter, probably the ones next to it.

And the whole platter of sashimi again.

And ending the meal with this spicy fish soup, grilled mackerel, fried rice and tempura again.

I think Nee looks just like one of those primmed up Korean ladies here. Maybe it's the food. Maybe it's the air or the sea. Maybe it's everything combined.

And this looks like a half-drunk Korean man who's not even sure what he's reaching out for with his Korean chopsticks.
We didn't know it at that time, but this whole stretch of seafood place was called Sashimi Street & we only found out about it when we walked out after dinner. How lame was that?

Greg & Nee may be on the Go, but sometimes, they go around in circles & the other times they probably don't know where they are. So I don't think there's going to be a Greg & Nee Lonely Planet guidebook anytime soon. Maybe more like Greg & Nee Lost Planet.

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