Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Fondant-ing Day

I did it! I finally did Fondant and royal icing. Jo and I took a weekend class for fondant-making and royal icing a while back. We used them to decorate a fake cake (a polystyrene one by the way). The class was organised by KT Bakery and conducted by a chef from Trans Standard, KL.

This is something that I have never attempted before even though Aunty Terry had repeatedly talked about in several of her posts. I have always been so extremely impressed with fondant creations out there so much so that I wouldn't even dare to try. But now I'm just so happy that I did.

And for me, to do the cake (which was a pretty one with roses and leaves and skirtings), gosh it was hard work and it took a lot of patience and lots of kneading but the results was just so pretty !
This weekend I finally has the opportunity to put my fondant making into practice. I was asked to do a polar bear cake for Rhiana and Natalie (the two beautiful girls who had the Neptune's Castle cake two years back). Polar bears was their theme this year as both the girls are collecting money to adopt polar bears to save the environment.
The cake is a rich double chocolate fudge cake (Greg's newest favourite cake) which was iced with topping cream. Fondant was used to do the polar bears and the icebergs. Greg made these in about 5 miutes as he was in a hurry. I did the fondant and Greg did the kneading and came out with this. Arent they cute?! (I was quite satisfied with this but Greg wasn't very happy with the cracks but didn't know how to get rid of them. Tips anyone???)
Fondant is definitely much easier to work with. They don't sweat as much as marzipan and they are white which makes colouring really easy. They stay well out of fridge too and of course are cheaper. Greg prefers fondant too as he thinks they can give him a wider flexibility in artistic expression. But before we try anything further, we'd need to know how to make the surface smooth.

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