Monday, February 22, 2010

Greg & Nee Back from Taipei

Hi Everyone! We've just got back from a back-breaking, pound-packing, lard-loading 6-Day Amazing Taipei Holiday trip. And it's hard to tell whether the back is breaking from all that walking, or from the weight gain. 

From the museums to the hot springs, the 101 Tower to the night markets, Taipei is such an exciting, vibrant and cultural city with nicey warmy people and Omigosh amount of good food that are super cheap!

We absolutely enjoyed Taipei. In fact, we LOVE Taipei. Taipei is really a techno-socio-politically advanced city yet with all its cultural and historical values very well preserved. I think the photo below basically sums it all up. Either that or it looks more like a Giant Pigeon Destroys Taipei 101 movie.

I love this photo for what it represents. The pigeon is basically perching on one of the traditional gates to the Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall. It has a traditional feel to it & yet it rises together with the modern Taipei 101 behind it.

We shall share about our experience with all of you soon. But we would like to finish blogging a few of our previous trips first before we start on this one. WHIP! Greg, get to work!

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