Sunday, September 12, 2010

KFC Sucks!

I got Nee a KFC Chicken Fillet Burger yesterday. Just to reassure you, we haven't been having KFCs for quite some time now. Apart from the email rumours that we've read concerning the way they rear their chickens, we've always felt that Chicago 7 has much better broasted chickens.

Well, Nee has been having a craving for chicken sandwiches with fresh tomatoes, lettuce & cucumbers. Unfortunately we couldn't find any really good ones at a time like this & so we thought this pretty much looked like a good substitute.

And so I went hunting, clubbed this chicken & dragged it home like a caveman.

But what was behind the wrappings shocked me to near death. This burger was sickly off colour & it didn't look like the one we saw in the picture. The lettuce died & the chicken fillet was shy.

KFC, I really don't know what's wrong here. I mean, this thing could fit into the palm of my hand. An I bet I could finish this off with just two manly bites.

I wonder what happened to the good old days when you could hold a burger with two hands? Well look how much it has shrunk. For your information, the green apple next to it is not a giant Fuji apple. It's a Granny Smith & it's small.

I was mad of course. I thought I bought a burger but got a pastry instead.

There is probably a small print on the KFC advert somewhere that tells you that the picture is not necessarily reflecting the real product. And these are usually in small print because they hope you don't see it. But come to think of it, that's like saying ok, we may be lying but we told you, so don't sue us.

I found out that in other places, the Fillet burger is called a mini burger. Read this article here.

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