Monday, March 15, 2010

Japanese Style Chicken Curry

Greg is a curry lover, so much so that his Uncle John thought that he would marry an Indian girl one day. Obviously that didn't happen. Still, he maintains his unfledging passion for curry of all sorts & spices despite the fact that his stomach gets quite sensitive to it. So we've been cutting down on hot spicy food in general, but from time to time, we'd do a really hot one.
I totally forgot about the two packets of Japanese curry mix I had in my pantry (which I got from Melbourne). And they were about to expire in another few months. So that basically solved the problem of what's-for-dinner-tonite. And it was also an opportunity to quieten Greg down & give him his curry fix.

Japanese Curry tends to be slightly spicy sweet rather than hot spicy. It comes in hot, medium and light levels of spiciness. With Greg in mind, I went for medium spicy.
Japanese curry is also one of those dishes which are easy to cook cos it needs minimal culinary skills. Its unlike the local curries which need all the terrifying pounding, blending and stir frying of spices. You'd need an Indian wife to do that.

And the Japanese version is quick to do if its for chicken curry. Try this.

Feeds 4-5

3 pieces of chicken thigh deboned and rid of skin
2 no of med size potatos, large cube
2 no of med size carrots, large cube
2 cups of water
1 no of large onions, chopped

1) Clean and cut chicken into about 2 cm cubes. Seasoned with some salt and pepper for 1/2 hour.

2) With 2 tablespoon of oil, stir fry onion til brown and fragrant. Add chicken and continue to stir fry til slightly brown.

3) Add boiling water to cover the chicken and let it simmer from about 5 min. Add carrots and potatos and simmer for another 15 min.

4) Finally, add the chopped up packet of japanese curry mix. Stir until all mixture dissolve, bring to boil and mixture will thickens as you cook. Salt & pepper when necessary and add more water if too thick for your liking.

Serve with rice.

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