Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Flower Girl Kay

This was Kay's first starring role as a flower girl; for my cousin Adrian's wedding.

When the request first came in, we didn't put much hope on it seeing how Kay is usually so sticky. But we thought we'd just go for it and see what happens.

Because we weren't really expecting it to work out, we were pretty laxed about it, and we hadn't really been pshyche-ing her up earlier for the role until one or two days before the actual date; which was on her birthday: February 22nd!

What a day and what a role to be playing on her own birthday. She is now officially and technically 3 years old.

Being more anxious than her, I showed her some amateur Youtube videos of little flower girls walking down the aisle, for reinforcement. I also had to do a little research about how the hair and flowers go together cos we weren't sure how it works. But hey, my involvement stops there alright? Less you think I'm into pinky glittery princessy stuff. Ah Ma & Nee did the actual work.

Kay did well for the rehearsal the evening before and she seemed more independent and self-confident this time around. We could stay some distance apart from her in a radius and she'd still be okay. I must admit I was a bit skeptical that she'd want to do it on the actual day with an actual crowd staring at her.

But lo and behold, she creamed it.

And we've never ever seen her sitting so still, for so long. Doesn't this look like a preview into the future? [sob sob]

I guess school has got something to do with it. She got through that big separation hurdle; you know, the one where parents had to eventually dump their kids and they think their parents are leaving them forever? I guess after that everything else became less frightening in comparison.

Either that or she just really wanted to be a princess so badly.

She also scored in both the pre-wedding and the wedding dinner, exercising her PR skills on unsuspecting dinner guests; fluttering from one table to the next.

Our baby girl is now a little more grown up. I'm even beginning to call her Kay more often now. There will still be more changes, for the better I hope. She's transitioning from Terrible Two to Terrorising Three at the moment, packed with all the tantrums, stubbornness, power plays, and the state of no apologies and no public toilets. In the meantime, I have collected a couple of plastic balloon sticks for reinforcement. Parents have to transition too. This is not Sweden.

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