Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nee's Cakes & Desserts

Nee's cafe basically consists of two main display sections, if I can describe it in that way. At the front of the shop, she calls it the Angel section, for reasons which may or may not be  so obvious.

Is it obvious yet?

 I guess it's now very in-your-face obvious.

This is for Hello Kittys, Care Bears & Barbies. The magic is not in the fruits. It's in the crust and the cream. I've tried these & I would eat these even though they're on the floor.

Strawberry fruit tarts.

Kiwi fruit tarts.

Killer Apple Crumble. The pastries kill and these come with ice-cream.

Banana Crumble.
My favourite simply because I'm a banana kinda guy.

Do not miss these creme brulee. They come with strawberries, and a fire show. And next to it was supposed to be panna cotta but the photos didn't turn out well so I didn't put them up.

Strawberry Cream Cake is one of those cakes where everyone seems to like, the young & especially the old. Maybe because the sponge is as soft as cotton & that's friendly to the old folks' dentures.

The traditional cheesecake series.

These will be served with strawberries.

Banana Crumble cheesecake and they are selling like a Michael Jackson concert.

Now this is another hit with old folks & all the health freaks out there if they conveniently forget about the cream cheese frosting. Butterless carrot cake! Doesn't it look angelic!

Also missing from the photos were the caramel walnut cakes which was also a hit.

And as you walk into the shop, to the other inner part of the counter, you'd find the very sinfully rich devil section, for chocolate addicts. All cakes here are made of high-quality Belgium chocolate and Nee only uses good quality cream cheese and only Mascarpone cheese for tiramisu. From left to right, top to bottom: Coco Nana, Chocolate Royale, Rocher, Double choc fudge, White chocolate macadamia cheese, choc hazelnut cheese, fruits for pure fruit juices and tiramisu.

This is a very excellently well-balanced cake.

White Chocolate Macademia would be very rich & just nicely sweet. If you can take two pieces in a row then my hats off to you!

This has always been one of my favourites. A lot of places misinterpret what an original fudge  is supposed to be. When Nee leaves this in the fridge over a period of time, I can finish all this off on my own. Sometimes I don't know what impresses me the most. The cake, or myself.

CocoNana. One of my other favourites. I can do 4 pieces in a stretch. This is a very light cake but the chocolate's just as rich & there's layers & layers of fresh bananas inside. This cake sold out so fast that it felt like it just walked out of the door.

This is Nee's latest creation. It's called Chocolate Royale for a reason.

This is the only cake that uses 70% Dark Belgium chocolate and thus the name.

And of course, Nee's chunky cookies:

Nee's also carry Bundaberg, including Sarsaparilla.


Tuesdays-Saturdays 8.45am - 10pm
Sundays 10am-10pm
Mondays CLOSED

Nee's is open until 10pm tonite. Tomorrow it's closed for recuperation. :)  If you're heading there tonight, do it quickly cos the latest report is that the cakes and the tarts are going fast. Coffee & tea will always be there.

BTW there's lots of parking in the basement. YES, THERE IS BASEMENT PARKING!


Diana said...

wow~~ look so nice.. Congratz Nee!!
I will definitely go to your cafe whn I go back. =)

Chocolate Cookies & Candies said...

wow, this is incredible! What a selection. Thank you for the invite, Greg. Wish I can go but I'll just have to wait till my next trip back to Kuching.


Ensurai said...

This really looks like a cream and chocolate fantasy land!! Congratulations. Must visit soon.....

NYMacMom w 3 said...

Each time I look at these pics..
I want one of this, one of that, one of this as well and what the hey,
can i have one of everything?!?
Gonna be quite sick after eating (in
my dreams!) all those cakes..

derby said...

COngrats congrats! tried to drop by yesterday afternoon but the area around tabuan plaza was so crowded with cars going at -10mph that we couldn't even get in! absolutely looking forward to getting acquainted with the cakes :) save me a slice of everything!

Pink Cotton said...

those cakes really look tempting! i've been (silently) following this blog for a while now and have been treated with pictures of nee's scrumptious baking and cooking.
i will certainly go and have a try when i go back to Kuching end of this month! the cakes looks DELISH!

terri@adailyobsession said...

NEEEEE!!! linda told me about ur cafe but looking at the photos, this is no ordinary cafe! i have to go to kuching and eat ALL of your cakes n tarts. do you make all these yourself?? how many clones do you have (greg, u sure u sleeping with the REAL nee??)?? i KOWTOW to u girl!

Greg Wee said...

Hi Auntie Terri. I won't mind 2 or 3 Nees except for the fact that they're very expensive.

Roger said...

Greg those cash outflows are not expense but investment..Think of it as capital expenditure... haha

lvynana said...

congrats, will drop by very soon.

rokh said...

first of all congratulations! wish i can be there to try it but definitely on my list if i am ever in town :) all the best!

cooknengr said...

Bice cafe, congrats. I suggest selling biscotti which usually is dipped in Coffee or Cuppachino. That way you'll sell both at the same time.

You can make biscotti with almond extract and orange zest, and add deluxe version using Amaretto

good luck with your venture.

cooknengr said...

Opp, B is next to N on my keyboard.

Abdullah Mohd Nawi said...

Wah.. manyak sidap woooo...

delia said...

Hi Nee,
Congratulations! When i first saw the signboard i tot it must be yours and it was. I walked by the other day and saw you inside, must be you. You look more beautiful in person than your pictures. Congratulations again.

Anonymous said...

Good fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.

NEE said...

wow delia i am really blushing. this few weeks i look like ah sanm, you prob see one of my pretty staff hahaha....

Thanks to you all for the kind comments and interest. i am much encouraged by all your response to NEE's

A Terri, i am waiting for you in Kuching. hehehe....thanks for your excitement.

jt said...

I can't wait to head back to Malaysia to taste these delicious treats! From your Canadian Cousin...

Melissa said...

wow... so sorry that i just know u opened the shop... haha... my browser crashed and i lost a lot of bookmarks.

congrats on the opening of your shop.

Marlene Lo said...

Congrats!!! dreams come true!

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