Friday, September 28, 2007

Neptune's Castle

Early on this year, I was given the honour of making a birthday cake for two very special little gals, Rhiana and Natalie. They are two gorgeous loveable little gals who are best friends and their birthdays are like 3 days apart. They specifically want Aunty Nee to make their cakes because i accidentally got a peep into their birthday party plan (I almost could not believe how methodical they are), computer typed out with list of food, games, venue and time and last item birthday cake. They are only 10.

But the catch was it has to be a castle, an under the sea castle called Neptune's Castle. I broke into cold sweat as I was only given one week's notice. I loved the challenge but worry if I did a lousy job I would disappoint the gals. SOS was sent out: Greg with his clay molding skills and Aunty Terry for ideas on buttercream and fondant.

This was the end product:

Two 10" American chocolate cake and layers of chocolate ganache staked on top of one another, followed by one 6"American Chocolate cake and finally two ice cream cones to top off. Cakes were creamed and the sea creatures, plants and features of the castle were shaped separately and stick onto the cake with buttercream.

Greg was really good with the shaping. His artistic sense came in really handy. So the cake is actually a joint effort by Aunty Nee and Uncle Greg to be exact. The gals yelped when they set eyes on the cake. Think they will remember their cake for a long time to come.

Everyone deserve to have their favourite cake for their birthdays. That is why i love baking. Cakes are delights. They put smiles on faces. They put shines in eyes. They give fond and happy memories. And I'm glad the gals were happy with their cake.


Terri @ hungerhunger said...

it's gorgeous! u've said it all about cakes putting tt shine in kids' eyes. i made every one of my kids' bday cakes, except when they wanted ninja turtles or some famous cartoon char. one yr i ordered a cake with ming's face on it n it came out looking like buddha's face. all his friends laughed n i don't know if he has forgiven me yet!terrible mistake.

Roger said...

How come not like the one in "Love at Gateau" tsk tsk :P

Greg Wee said...

NEE: After you sponsored me to go france n learn lo.

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