Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baby Report: Baby Kay @ 5 Months 3 Weeks

Sorry we haven't been able to update as much as we want to. With the arrival of this little firecracker, our lives have been turned upside down, sometimes driven up the wall, and most of the time been plagued by backaches.

We've actually been taking tons of photos and videos (in HD mind you!) of Baby Kay and her development since Day 1. I think we have enough to build a library and to start a new blog. But of course we're not going to do that. We couldn't even find the time to post anything for the past 4 months or so.

Anyway, we will try our best to get back on track cos the blogging bug is biting again. No doubt most of our posts will be on Baby Kay for now but we're itching to travel and eat again.

This was Baby Kay on the first day of her delivery, fighting for her right to breathe then.

And this is Baby Kay now at 5 months 3 weeks.

The first 3.5 months was an intense battle with colic and crying in the middle of the night. But when she hit 4 months, her sleeping pattern stabilised and she was able to do longer sleeping hours without waking up in the God-forsaken wee hours in the mornings for feedings.

Baby Kay is now able to smile, chuckle, babble and squeal in delight and of course, when things do not go her way, she whinges and whimpers and registers a long list of complaints through booing and wooing (deciphered by mommy and daddy as I WANT MILK NOW, PICK ME UP NOW, I WANT SLEEP NOW, fill in the blanks NOW). 

She's a determined flipper with a short temper, working at it when she was just slightly before 4 months. Now besides flipping, she does a lateral 360 degree rotation, usually when we are not looking. She had just turned turtle last Sunday but fortunately she was on the floor mat and ended up on the tiled floor.

Physically she is about 7.2 kg in weight and 67cm in length at 5 months, which means that she's over  the 50 percentile on the normal baby girl growth chart. Based on the corrected age she is WAY too big. 

She loves her baths and can do two a day, sitting up in her tub with some support, but sometimes insisting to stand in the water. Her baths are now accompanied by a few rubber duckies plus two wind-up splashing Mr. froggy & goldfish.

We have finally joined the ranks of many parents, bringing baby out to the usual family-infested leisure parks, shopping malls, Sunday service, bible study, kopitiams and restaurants. The next impending challenge will be to bring her on a plane trip and hotel stays.

From a humble 1.85kg, she has come a long way in a short time. Mommy and Daddy are really proud of you, Baby! We can only thank God for this huge miracle that comes in a little package.

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