Sunday, September 9, 2007

Our Saturday Evening

Nee cooked Taiwanese Beef Noodles tonite. She made the noodles herself. They look like this.It was accompanied by a side dish of salted vege, bean sprouts and sour chilli sauce:

With the soup in, it looks complete!My father-in-law said this is better than what you can find outside. I agreed. The magic is in the texture of the noodles!
Nee had another one of her crazy full days again today. She made 3 cakes & 15 pieces of mooncakes. It's absurd! (It's actually 4 cakes lah! Had to cream and decorate a choc blackforest, made a last min apple crumble, a napolean cake (gosh tat is hard one) and marble cheese cake and tat 15 pieces don look down ~ took 3 hours - Nee)
This is a picture of Miss Los Angeles still at it at 12.15am on a sunday morning.

Look again fren if you think it's just only 5 pieces!
Got boxes some more.. like pro! Ka Ch'ng Chio (Greg's version of itchy backside ~ Nee)!


Roger said...

The noodle looks yummy but not sure how does it taste. Look a bit a cold though.

Greg Wee said...

NEE: heay heay it taste as yummy as it looks. Dad says in his usual short simple way "wow..very good" which is rather rare from him rite. But Mum keep stopping him from eating more meat. So you can see his bowl only got the one small miserable looking one.

Should have add some greens to make it look more attractive but greg could not wait to dig into it so he keeps on saying done done take photos already. Haiii...

Ehmm looks cold??? must be melbourne weather hehe...sure did not taste cold to us last nite.

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

ur noodles look SO good n perfect, can't believe it's tt d recipe u gave me? i haven't been able to download yahoo attachmts for some time now, have to get Ming to look into it. wow, u can start a noodle business.
greg is one lucky guy!

Greg Wee said...

Hi Aunty Terry

Yes it is the recipe i gave you, the one on taiwan style. they are all about the same. it is ratio of water or egg to flour. this has both water and egg.

Do be careful my recipe i feel the water is a little too much because i like the al dente one. so i reduce it to 70 gm only. the old one of 100 to 200gm they stick together too fast before i had a chance to put on the blog. i will put up on the blog so tat you dont need to access yours. but i gave you also the oil noodle and egg noodles.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nee,

Do you have any recipes for beef noodle soup? I'm craving it down in australia.


NEE said...

my recipe is not the taiwanese noodle type. but the local kuching type. you want which one? i can blog the kuching style if you want.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nee,

I'd like to have the Kuching's version beef noodle recipe.

Thank heaps =)

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