Thursday, September 13, 2007


Many would wonder what's this kaliu-kaliu.

This is the foochow dialect version of play play. Kaliu is the first word most non foochow would learn and say when they learn to speak foochow. Foochow are defined by kaliu-kaliu. A uni mate upon hearing that i am a FOOCHOW, his first reaction was eiii...kaliu people (like i got leprosy or something as drastic as that).

Well I m one and Greg is half. So we are one and the half and proud to be that. Whenever we want blog about our travels and outings it would be under Kaliu-Kaliu. Look out for it!!


Jys said...

i'm one too!! but very pai seh, i do not understand foo chow at all. :p

cooknengr said...

I was interested in Kaliu too, came to find out, Kaliu originated from the foochow word "街溜" which later becamse "腳溜" . Roaming the street/ Bejalan-jalan/play play.

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