Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mum's Birthday

For the two sons in Melbourne, your mum celebrate her XX birthday 10/9/2007 Monday. Hope you guys remember calling. Muaaahhhahahaha....if you forget. Go Suffer!!! Otherwise pretend and insist that tommorow is the actual day!!! Wonder why people wants boys!

Daugthers remember birthdays, anniversaries. They called after not hearing from Mum and Dad after 24 hours. In fact they often call for no reasons. They are the first to get worry even just hearing any one of them feeling unwell. If you have slightly more talented daughters khmm khmm like you know who, they cook and bake birthday cakes for them.

So go do the arithmetic! (Plus they tell their hubbies, i miss my mum and dad, i want to go home to see them, you must love my mum and dad like your own (maybe that is asking for too much, at least they try)).

Vanilla Napolean Cake

Mum wanted a Napolean Cake. It has layer of really crispy puff pastry sandwiched with fluffy sponge and yummy buttercream (Aunty Terry's Buttercream) and almond nuts. Decorated with icing sugar. The effect is crunchy soft crunchy soft...YUMMY! Sinful! You dont want to know the amount of butter while eating.

She loves it. Show off to all her frens " My daughter make this". We forgot the picture and have to run back to Dad's to grab this piece. Anyway, Greg just gooble it up today! He loves it and declare this the best Napolean Cake in town.


Terri @ hungerhunger said...

tt just looks YUMMY!good daughter, blessed mom!

Anonymous said...

NEE: whenever i read your daughter YI comments, always think that you are so blessed to have such a good relationship with her. Can see the affection and love radiating from my comp screen. she is def and will cont to be a good daughter.

Anonymous said...

My Mum was interested with this Napoleon cake and requested to have one for her birthday ! She first had Napoleon cake at her friend’s open house a year ago and since then, she kept describing this cake to me. Do you mind to share your recipe with me cos i wanna give her a surprise on her birthday. I'm not good at pastry making but i'll try my best. Thank you

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