Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Ladies in My Life

I dont just like food. I LOVE food.

Eating (if without worrying about weight) is not only about filling up the tummy like what people says. It is about having the flavours and the textures bursting in your mouth going straight to the mind then down to the heart. It is about the smell and the colours. It is about acknowledging and appreciating what God had created. It is about respecting the hands doing the cooking.

It feels so good to be those hands preparing the food. It is wonderful to see eyes light up when they see what is on the table. It is wonderful to have people walking in the kitchen asking what's cooking. A home with huzzy buzzy kitchen and wafting with the smell of food is heavenly. Not to mention it is good to know what your love ones are popping into their mouths. I love cooking. It is a passion. It is in the blood.

Great grandma can cook for village weddings for tables of guests single-handedly. Grand aunt (Yi Po)'s house is always full of food. As children we love her cooking. Always ask mum why dont you cook like Yi Po. Still Mum is a fabulous cook during her younger days which is why i was a little fattie. Aunty Selina, Aunty Linda cooks so well and are always on to new recipes. Then there are Aunty Terry, Mrs Yeo all of them fabulous talented cooks....So how can i not cook. I m surrounded, over my head, all over with these 'pools of recipes'. How blessed can i be to have these ladies in my life.

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