Saturday, September 15, 2007

Back in Kuching!

Hi everyone! We're back from the Jacky Cheung concert and just got back to the house around 10pm.

Nee is already in the kitchen whipping up a storm. She brought Jacky home and she's baking with him in the kitchen - I mean with his CDs.
She bought two of his latest album in KL. This is his newest.

See, I told you. Got wrinkles around the eyes etc.

This is the previous one which he considers as a milestone as he wrote all the songs himself. There's a lullaby for his daughter as well as another song for his wife.

Where got face so smooth? I rest my case!

We'll write more soon with pics and video clips of the concert! In the meantime, you can read about the concert in HK. There are also two short postings about the KL concert in Star and NST.


Raymond TING said...

Wah so syiok!

Anonymous said...

NEE: woei finally see you on line eh...first tme visit our blog kah? how come like tat one.

have you try my butter prawn recipe. hieng says ask you to cook it hehehe...

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