Thursday, September 13, 2007

Food Reviews

Well we love food! We love eating! We like eating out and trying out new places and of course super good food plus the fact that there is no washing up after meals. But if food not nice why bother eat out, it is a torture. It spoils mood. It is really upsetting. Like balloon 'lau hong' (no wind).

With our fellow eat out kaki CK we work out a Food Review System(FRS)which we hope will do justice to the good places and good food we eat. We hope it will appropriately appreciate those hands preparing the food.

Food (60%)itself is definetely the most important item in the FRS. It should be well presented ~attractive and appetizing. You should smell it before it reach you ~ Fragrance. Both Presentation and Fragrance should make you want to dip into it ASAP. Cant wait. Then comes the actual eating ~ taste and texture. Taste is not about everything a lot is good. Like all baking and cooking it is balance. Right balance releases the perfect taste bursting in your mouth and make you want to meowwwww..purrrr..Texture defines the food. Deep fry must be crispy crunchy not hard or soggy. Hot and sour must be hot and sour la please. What is smooth must be smooth, firm is firm...get the picture. And finally, creativity of the cook and the originality of the food. Tradition Vs Creativity can bring a good cook to test.

Then there is the environment (15%)which is based on cleanliness and hygiene, ambience and setting and the uniqueness in environment. This part is not important because we all can bear with lousy environment if food is good right.

Service (15%)is next. When you are so hungry, you really dont want to wait 1 hour for a bowl of kolo mee (you know where 'wink' 'wink'). After waiting for 1 hour even the lousiest of them all taste good. Therefore we emphasize on waiting time. Then the attitude and the knowledge of people serving. Some places almost give you the impression that you owe them half a mil while some places they dont even know their own menu. People serving must have passion, they must know and love their food and their jobs. Who says waiters are not professionals.

Finally the most important PRICE (value for money)(10%). How many times have you see the bill and wish you had chewed the plates as well or put a few cutleries in your bag to take home. Food not matter how good must be priced reasonably. We dont mind paying slightly more for good food but heck we are no idiots.

Disclamer: No offence taken if the food we mentioned is under the so so or no good list,ya. We are not liable for any consequences due to our review. Just go improve la.

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Rose B said...

Now, you three crazy academicians has found another job: food critics! Good, tell me all the nice places to eat in kuching. Sometimes I dont know where to go and fill my tummy up.

Dont forget all the sumptuos buka puasa buffet. They serve food you hardly can find any other days. Malay foods that is.

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