Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Movie Date!

A long time ago Nee told me that she also like watching movies. So I thought we had another thing in common. It turned out that she meant watching Hong Kong TVB series. It was too late when I found out later. I was trapped.

So I was caught unawares one day when she suggested going to watch a movie. Of course I agreed immediately feeling very much like a child again. Then my mind started clicking.
The movie was Ratatouille. It had cooking and kitchen scenes and food. It's about a rat who wants to be a cook. Can you see the pattern?

Anyway, we saw it. It was a date and we had a wonderful time. Paris looked wonderful. It made us want to go there. When the ratatouille dish came out, my saliva came out like waterfall.

I couldn't control myself. I turned over to Nee and said, 'I want I want. You make it hah?'
(Can you see the pattern? The spoilt brat! I've created a monster ~ NEE)
p/s Today I just overheard Nee telling someone on the phone that she wish she can cook like that rat!

This is the promotional poster for the movie in France.
It plays with the word D'egout and De Gout. The poster on the left means Sewer Rat. The right, A Rat with Taste. Guess which one resembles Nee, and which one of me?

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