Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Butter Prawns

Mum recently got me some really nice big fresh sea prawns straight from the fishing boat. First thought Butter Prawn. Then my best colleague, without whom i will not have a super nice office checking in and out records, Rose asked me about Butter Chicken. That's it. Greg would be eating butter prawns.
After some research, Rose, this is for you. Maybe you can do a bit of modification into butter chicken. There is the dry version and the saucy version. I like the sauce version better (check out previous blog). But think you say want the dry version.

300 to 400 gm of butter prawns (about 12 big pcs)
3-4 pieces of salted egg yolks
1 1/2 tbsp of butter
2 stalk of curry leaves
5-6 pieces of chilli padi
Cooking oil
Salt, pepper and sugar to taste

1) Clean prawns by cutting off tip of head and clearing up the sand bags. Devein it and keep the shells on. Dry it a little and seasoned with salt and pepper and set aside.

2) Boil salted eggs til cook and retreive egg yolks. Mash it to really fine bits (prefer not to see bits at all). Set aside.

3) Heat up wok. With 2-3 cups of fresh cooking oil, deep fry the prawns. Really dip prawns in cornflour right before placing in the oil. Deep fry til light brown (looks hard not soggy). Control fire as you go along. Turn medium if too hot. Mixture should be bubbling all the time. Take out and set aside.

4) With a clean hot wok over medium fire, place butter in it. Add mashed salted eggs. Cont stirring til mixture turns really foaming. Add curry leaves and chilli padis. Cont stirring for another min or so. Finally add prawn and continue stirring til mixture is dry. Add salt pepper and sugar to taste.


Rose B said...

Thank you sooooo muchhh....

I will try the recipe today!!

Nee darling, can you give me the saucy version as well?

Thank you!!!

Greg Wee said...

how how? is it good?

the saucy version yeap. let me work it out first ya.

Rose Bustami said...


Your butter prawn recipe was fantastic!! Over a period of 2 weeks, I prepared butter prawn 4 times!! That is something to me, as I rarely cook (ehemm...).

Hubby loved it so much, and when we went out for seafood, he asked for butter prawn, and none taste the same like the ones I made (hihihihi... thank you nee, that was such a compliment from my hubby).

And I even serve it to my guest on 2nd day of Hari Raya. What can I say more, guests loved them too!


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