Sunday, May 25, 2008

More of Mongkok: Of Alien Body Parts & Kitchenware

There are a few places in Mongkok worth noting; Ladies Market at Tung Choi Street, Flower Market Street, the Bird Park (Prince Edward Rd West) & the Pissing Exploding Beef Balls at Fah Yuen Street. We had done all that but I believed the place had more to offer; secret places tucked away & hidden somewhere in the maze of streets, waiting to be discovered.

Well, we found this corner shop somewhere along our adventure trail.

It sold all kinds of pork & duck related products,

strange internal organs

& unidentifiable animal parts of the leser known species.

The place looked like Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum.

And they have ducks that looked like UFOs.

I remember this was one of the busiest corner in Mongkok.

By then it was near noon, & the place was really packed with people.

The people were like waves when they move. And when they move, you move also.

But tucked away from all that crowd at Shanghai Street, we came across
a few rows of shops selling kitchen related stuff much like Kappabashi in Japan.

This was the ultimate housewive's Disneyland.

Maybe it was more like a housewive's Fantasy Island.

And of course, Nee stated to get very excited.

And I started to get worried...

that she'd buy half the shop & bring it onto the plane.


Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

Love all the perserved meats pic! and go crazy when i scroll to kitchenware! Hahaha
eee ! I think i will like Mongkok!

NEE said...

mongkok is not known to be the best place of hongkong. but it is def colourful.

I love the meat too. brought back some to cook as claypot rice. it is actually chinese winter food. as for the kitchen part, wat can i say..going crazy is a good word. i wish i can buy everything back.

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