Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We Fly, We Ride, We Sail

Greg and I went on a short holiday last week May 18-22. We flew by AirAsia to JB & stayed a night there. Then we took a taxi to Singapore to board the Star Aquarius, a Star Cruise liner. We sailed to Penang and Phuket then back to Singapore.

Our journey started at Harbourfront Port Singapore on Sunday, arriving in Penang around 2pm Monday, then heading on to Phuket around 9pm, arriving there around 11am on Tuesday. We spent the whole Wednesday on board and arrived back in Singapore on Thursday 11pm.

The Star Aquarius was built in 1993 and sailed in the Scandinivian parts until 2007 as the Norwegian Wind. It was refurbished and brought to Asia and it is now doing the Singapore-Penang-Phuket route as the Star Aquarius. With a crew of over 1150, and a total of 770+ cabins, we joined the rest of the over 1500 guests for an enjoyable, lazy journey. Yes, lazy. You did not read that wrongly.

This was our very first experience sailing for 5 days. Despite the name of our blog, both of us are essentially very lazy people by nature. You know, those who would prefer to curl up on a sofa, just watching tv, reading a book, reflecting and dreaming and basically idling the whole day away. If you give us a choice we would not move at all and if we do, we would probably crawl rather than walk. Basically the only time you see us moving is when nature calls and when we want to fill up our tummies. But unfortunately in our normal days, we do not have the luxury to lounge around doing nothing.

So 5 days of looking out at the vastness of the sea, doing nothing and idling our time away was a total exciting experience for the both of us. Unlike the many passengers on board who were zooming here and there trying to join the various activities prepared by the Cruise and its crew, we were ecstatic just sitting on the sofa, next to a huge floor to ceiling window in our cabin (9023) or lying in bed til 10-11am every morning and then continue lounging around and even falling asleep after the essential meals of the day (there were 6 a day). Yeap, we were close to hibernating. It was an excellent time spent dreaming and reflecting on our lives without coming much to a conclusion.

And the only "mind boggling" conclusions we had were:

1) It is a wonder to experience the world from a totally different platform (on sea looking at sea), to look at the sea from a Tom Hanks Castaway angle.

2) And the amazement of how big this world is and duh! we were only in the Straits of Melaka. And thus how great our Maker is.

3) Don't go on a cruise if you are lonely or have just suffered a major heart break in life. Because you may decide to jump over board and drown yourself. The vast sea does give a little of a melanchony effect. Forget about Titanic & Leornado di Caprio. If you jump, no one would be jumping with you.

In spite of our laziness, do not worry. We will definitely give you more details and reviews of the many things we experienced and the places that we went as we go along. We definitely have a lot to say about the service, the food and the experience itself. So stay tuned to us.


WoMbOk™♂ said...

Keke. Got take picture like leonardo and kate on Titanic or not? ;) hahaha

Greg Wee said...

Great minds think alike. Yes, we were looking for the front part of the ship but it got creepy so we turned back. See the last picture above.

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