Friday, May 23, 2008

The Mistresses of Mongkok

Sorry to mislead you that way, it was just to get your attention. Unfortunately, this post is just about birds.
If you walk further down from Flower Market Street in Mongkok, you'll come to the Bird Park (Prince Edward St West). This is the place where you'll get to see dozens of colourful birds on display in their just as elaborate cages.

These birds must be drinking tea from their beautifully crafted Ming Dynasty tea cups.

I don't know what it is about rearing birds, but I guess it's about the same as rearing fish.

These are the smaller species with beautiful coloured feathers. They sing.

And the following are of the bigger parrot family species. They talk.

Umm, I'm kinda lost about the rest of them. I guess they're there for comedy.

This one climbs.

I am not a bird. I am Spiderman.

Duh. I am the archetype of a bird brain.

Do not let your eyes fool you. We are actually cats.

And on display as well are the owners, for your viewing pleasure.

Well, maybe not for your viewing pleasure, but for your contemplation.

I guess bird rearing is a good hobby to help these old folks pass time.

They've worked hard all their life, slaving away to provide food on the table, & a safe home for their kids & family.

Now, in their retirement, they deserve to enjoy the rest of the time that they have.

Now, instead of rearing kids, they're rearing birds.

And despite living in cages, these little buggers are really spoiled. I mean you'd think that it's pretty simple. Just throw them a handful of bird seed & they'll be happy enough to sing for you.

But these little fellas are not eating anything unless you feed them bit fat juicy grasshoppers.

That's the equivalence of eating lobters in human terms.

I'm sure you've heard that Singaporean girls go for the 5Cs (Credit Card, Car, Cash, Career & Condo). It seems like keeping birds in Hong Kong is no longer a simple hobby nowadays.

If you wanna keep your birds happy, you might have to buy them flats...

or expensive apartments...

or even luxurious bungalows.

And in the mean time, you've got to invest in some expensive toys as well.

I just realised I made bird rearing sound like mistress keeping.

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