Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dim Sum & More With Gooi

It's mighty hard to find the perfect dim sum in Hong Kong. It wasn't because dim sum was hard to find. On the contrary, dim sum to the Hong Kongers is like kaya & toast to Malaysians. It's almost everywhere. In fact, there's so many of them that we didn't know where to start cos we had only one stomach for only one breakfast, and we really didn't want to end up with a bad one.

But fortunately we had a secret weapon in Hong Kong: Nee's soon-to-be cousin-in-law Gooi, who was most gracious to meet us & brought us around town. Without him, we wouldn't have found this place which was frequented by locals.

Our apologies for not being aware of the name of the shop. We could only remember that we met up at the Sogo entrance at Causeway Bay (Tun Lo Wan) & then we walked a little bit from there. Anybody out there who recognises this place, please leave a comment.

The first thing that you'd notice about this place is the super elaborated interior design, & the chandeliers man...

I feel like ballroom dancing already man... so very got the class.

Did you know that Hong Kong people eat their newspapers with dim sum?

Gooi ordered these for us:
Chee Cheong Fun ~ Smooth yummy
Stirred Fried Low Shi Fun

Siew Mai ~ heay look they comes in fours

Char Siew Pau ~nicely light and fluffy

Har Kow

Radish Cake

Savoury Puffs ~ Ham Shui Kok

Siao Long Bao

Fish Balls


Chicken Feet

We weren't sure whether this was a Top Ten Dim Sum Box Office Billboard Chart Hit, but it was exactly what we were looking for. So on the 6th day of our trip in Hong Kong, we finally had some good dim sum. Time was running out, but we made it.

Knowing that we were avid food bloggers, Gooi kept the food program going. Immediately after the dim sum, we were shuffled to a place with fantastic Gui Ling Gao (Turtle Shell Jelly).

The shop is called Hoi Tien Tong & like many of the other dessert shops, it's a chain store.

I thought the table setup was quite pecular cos there was this little glass case with a yellow box on display right in the centre of the table, like a mini museum.

Obviously it must be one of their Gui Ling Gao Jelly inside. I just hope that there's no baby turtles inside when you open it up. Heheh, nolah. Before you start panicking, my guess is that Turtle Shell Jelly is probably named after some herbal ingredient that looks like turtle shells lah.

This little baby costs about HKD 55 (RM 22)!!!

Shaken but not stirred.

They come with honey. Suh-weeet.

For the record, this was the best Gui Ling Gao that we have ever tasted, & the most expensive too. Gooi, you are now officially our best friend & our best future cousin-in-law.


Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

wahh....RM 22 of that bowl of herbal jelly??? are this jelly instantly 'melt' in ur mouth those type? ha! cuz i hate those harden like grass-jelly one.
I tot RM 8 from KL oredi quite ex, omg, 22 ?!?!?!? hahahahha oh well, e feel like eating!

NEE said...

if we remember correctly our bowls went empty quite fast i think it is the soft type. really yummy...

we were totally bribed by gooi hheeheee...

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg and Sim Nee,

The shop name is 煌府酒家 Palace Restaurant

Hope you all have enjoyed youselves
during the last trip to Hong Kong.

Take Care.....


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