Friday, May 30, 2008

Wing Wah at Midnight

Hong Kong is truly a city that never sleeps. By about midnight, you'd still be able to see people walking about on the streets, some on the way home after a late dinner, others just about to start their supper. The buses are still running. And shops are open till 5am. And that was good news to us.

If we were 10 years younger, we'd probably be hitting the pubs. But at our age, it seemed more exciting to hit the noodle shop.

This is Wing Wah Noodle Shop. It is reputed to have the best red bean soup. And as usual, you'd be able to find photos with TVB celebrities at the entrance of the shop, which endorses that the shop is alright, please come in.

If you missed it, let me just blow it up for you.

Please do not be alarmed. The chef is just making his noodles by beating them with a bamboo pole.

Back in our dating days, Nee & I used to joke that if I brought her home late, her father would come after me with a bamboo pole. It used to be funny, & it still was, until I saw the real Hong Kong bamboo pole. Now I don't think it's funny anymore. Perspectives change with a bamboo of that size. I'm glad I was a good boy.

Fresh Prawn Wonton Noodles, served in a broth brewed with shark bones.

This is the famous Orange Peel Red Bean Soup.

The red beans are cooked with orange peel for 3 hours.

The Tang Yuen (sweet Dumplings) has black sesame inside.

The secret weapon, ancient Orange Peel.

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