Saturday, May 17, 2008

One Day in Thriving Mongkok

Although Mongkok may sound like a curse word, it actually means 'thriving business'. It's actually a very congested & busy area in Kowloon. In fact, it holds the Guiness World Records as having the highest population density in the world. So to us, that means it's a good place to rub shoulders with the locals.

To get there, we took a train from Hong Kong island to Prince Edward Station (Kowloon), which intersects with Nathan Road.

We got there pretty early. I think everyone was still asleep.

Imagine three eager beaver tourists standing in the middle of the empty streets.

Hello, we're tourists. Show us what you've got.

Even the roadside stalls were still in their pyjamas.

Mongkok is like a time capsule. Everything's old there.

The buses are old.

The taxis are old.

Old bicycle.

Old trolleys.

Ok. I think you got my point.

Oh, wait. There's more...

If you're looking for the older, nostalgic 50s/60s Hong Kong, you may just find what you're looking for at Kowloon.

Old green building.

Old pink building. Definitely not for the men of machoness.

Imagine if you're in working at a rough & tough construction site & you're living in a place with that colour. You will not survive my friend. If the colour doesn't kill you, the construction site colleagues will.

Old baby blue building.
Look! There are two guys wrestling at the bottom left corner.
How geli can you get?

Some more apple green building.

This one reminds me of the longhouses in Sarawak, near the Indonesian border. So we're actually at par with Hong Kong in terms of technology access.

But as old as the place can get, modernity & commercialisation still plow on, invading every nook & corner that they can find.

Unfortunately we did not see Cecelia Cheung, nor Derek Yee.

Maybe they only come out to play at night.

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