Monday, September 24, 2007

DAD's Birthday at Taiwanese Ting's Noodles

Nee: For our Taiwanese fixes, we usually frequent this Taiwanese noodle shop in Kuching located opposite Grand Continental Hotel. It's called Ting's Noodles. Well, Chiang, not Ting Sim Nee's noodles ah.
Greg: The first thing that you will notice about this shop is the cook, who is also the owner.
He looks like one of those Iron Chefs, always ready to chop something up. He wears a Karate Kid headband that holds his Afro together. Quite a character.

These are the only shots which I could manage without being too upfront about it. Just in case he might chop me up. It was difficult to take good shots. He moves fast. It's like shooting wildlife on National Geographic.

The shop is supposedly famous for its Taiwanese noodles. One of my favourite is Pork Rib Noodles.

(Yummy slurrrpy salivating like waterfall!)

Nee: There are also other varieties, among which are the famous Taiwan Stew Beef Noodles (which is nice and flavourful but sometimes the meat cut can be quite tough), Beef Brisket noodles (which can be cooked spicy or just plain chinese wine, I like the chinese wine version but cant eat too much cause it gets a little gelak as you can only taste Brisket and wine), Dan Dan noodles (which is nice but dont compare with authentic Szechuan style cause no such ommp..). Prices of single bowls range from RM3.50 to RM8.00

It does have very nice side dishes though ranging from RM1.50 to about RM 4.50. Favourite are like Taiwanese sausage and pig ears with a nice garlic, szechuan style sauce. I like their pickled seaweeds, onion pancakes, Shui Jiao (Dumplings boiled and pan fried)

Greg: yummy sausage made of previous blogger who went too close

We were celebrating my Dad's (Nee's Father in law) belated birthday that night. So we ordered few main dinner dishes, instead of the noodles and side dishes.

Drunken Chicken (behind) and Smoked Tea Duck!

Szechuan Style Brinjal

Nee: There was also another Lamb dish. Stewed ones which is the highlight for me. Shank cooked to perfect tenderness but still attached to bone finish with nice sweet sourish dark sauce. You know why there is no picture.

Greg: I guess the shop is really famous for its noodles. Most of the other dinner dishes were just so so.

And finally we end the night with Nee's Fresh Strawberry Cake!

Sweeeet Baby!

Nee rates:

Service 9/15: Waitresses cant introduce and explain their dishes well. You need to be a frequent to know what to order. If Lady Boss is around, it could be better. Chef character even though sitting next to us for a while could not be bother (should have told him we are blogging)

Environment 12/15: Clean with Chinese style decoration. Like the fact that you can see the Chef working in the open concept which means kitchen is generally clean.

Food 45/60 Noodles are generally good but their dinner dishes are really only so so as you can see in picture. Edible nice but not something I would rave about.

Value for money 7/10:We pay about RM75 for all the dinner. Portion very small.

Overall 7/10

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