Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nee is On the Go Again!

Nee is finally feeling better today after a week's bout of flu. You should have seen her. She was really knocked out then.

Today she came up to me and told me that she wanted to make a few things.
I said what? You shouldn't be doing anything. Take the whole day off. Relax. Watch your TVB.
I should have known better. I should have known she would be up to something.

You have to know something about foochow women. They can cook 24 hours a day and they delight in it. It's not something we can ever understand.

Today a female friend of ours mentioned that foochow women are known to be 'gritty'. They are tough. My father concurs. He said he's seen foochow women jump out of bed straight out of confinement to feed the ducks, feed the chicken, kill a duck, cook a duck, feed the children, and plant veges behind the house, and cook dinner. It's almost like a one woman show.

If Nee was a traffic light, there would be no red light on her. So just now, she held up a glass and grinned at me:

It's a freakin' soya bean drink! I don't know how she squeezed that out of those beans!
And it tasted like the real thing. Fresh and without any of that raw 'green' aftertaste.

And that wasn't all. She went into the kitchen and came out with this:

Freshly Fried Scrunchy Munchy Crispy Wispy You Cha Koey!
My breakfast will be heavenly tomorrow!

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