Saturday, September 22, 2007

Easy Grilled Chicken Wings

When I first arrived in Melbourne, first thing I noticed is how cheap wings are. Then Uncle Tony whom I was staying with declared that it is the easiet food to cook in the world. After 5 times a week of wings, I realised he meant grilled wings. And that is practically the first dish i learn besides boiling rice and cooking chicken soup. Ya i was that bad then.

Wings will featured in all overseas students' meals, parties, church lunch, bbqs, pot lucks. If you dont organise your pot luck you will have 10 different people bringing wings. Well, that is because wings are nice even though parents will declare they put injections of hormone there. Well after many years of wings, i dont get any bigger khmm certain anatomy, neither did my brothers. So it cannot that bad but please dont have it everyday. Like all food, moderation is the best.

And wings are suprisingly easy to cook because it has the meaty part and the tender part and therefore whichever you cook it cannot taste bad ~ grilled, stewed, fried ~ deep or pan, steamed etc. We had this fren's fren's fren's boyfren (i dont even remember exact guy so cannot put his name here) who work in a restaurant part-time and he gave us this really nice recipe to do grilled wings. Well it is nice and easy that i never grill it any other way since and i have raving guests to prove. Especially good when you have children at your party. This will be the first dish they point to.

6-8 fresh chicken wings
5 tbsp plum sauce (Lee Kum Kee is good)
2-3 tbsp of light soy
1 tbsp of sugar
3/4 teaspoon of salt

1) Marinade overnight in fridge or for those working ladies, you can do it in the morning and keep it in fridge.

2) Heat up your oven (broiling mode ~ upper fire with the sign of saw teeth) to about 180 deg cel. Line aluminium foil in roasting pan and place your wings on. Broil for 15 - 20 min til golden brown and skin looks puffy.

3) Turn sides and brush with marinade sauce and cont broiling for another 15-20 min.

4) Turn back to original side and pour all your marinade sauce on. Turn up heat to about 200 deg cel. This is to brown it nice. Watch your wings consistently for 10 min or so. The sauce should kinda dry up and looks sticky. Be careful of burning them.
Serve 2-3

Greg loves slightly burn part but i usually slap it off him if he dares to put into his mouth. Tip will usually look burned but that will kinda release a special flavour to other parts. Just dont eat that bit. Otherwise, wrap the tip with aluminium foil.

Broiling is the oven version of grilling. I always think grilling is best describe with fire below and it is open. If you dont have a proper oven, use the turbo hats one can do. That was what Uncle Tony did anyway for all the years. Temperature should be about the same.

Recipes will apply for bbqs.


Pau said...

nee, i just try this recipe last night and very successful, all my family members loves it as it taste good than what i have cook before....thanks for it...

Greg Wee said...

NO problem. it is nice to have feedback on the recipes. make me want to blog some more hehehe...

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