Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kick Yo Mao Sak and Eat Your Food!

It gets quite exciting whenever you find really authentic food in Kuching. There's this shop called New Happy Cafe in Petanak. It sells authentic Foochow Food. Their famous dishes are Chow Chai Bee Hoon and Foochow Noodles. We are not going to rate this place cause this IS already the best in Kuching!

Most good restaurants and eateries have very interesting and passionate owners. This is definitely one of them.

"Kick Yo Mao Sak and eat your food!!!" Not bad. This fella can spiak England.
(Translation:Keep your mouth shut)

This Uncle is 65 and he zooms up and down, taking orders and occasionally stop by tables to chat. His wife does the cooking.

Anyway, the Chao Chai Bee Hoon is thick bee hoon cooked in Chao Chai soup (This is foochow version of perserved mustard like ham choi or mui choi. Chao Chai is Foochow). According to Uncle, he has to treat his Chao Chai first and he buys the most expensive Foochow red wine to cook his soup. All his fresh fish and prawns are express ferried all the way from Sibu! This is the menu:

Patin and Tapah fish and King Prawns are the highlights.

Chao Chai Bee hoon with Tapah fish. The fish is so fresh that they can still jump out of the bowl. The soup is so sweet and nicely sour befitting the definition of Choa Chai. Each bowl cost RM12.

The King Prawn version. See the prawns? They're as big as my arm! This bowl costs RM18.

The owner's concept is that he only give the best and he believes that his patrons do not mind paying more for quality. Well, he is right. We would wince at the bill but still happily pat our tummies after the meal.

By the way, the owner is actually a very nice guy lah! He came up to us and told us that he'll be letting go of the business by year end as his children had all grown and wanted them to stay with them in KL. So hurry up guys! You still have till December for authentic Foochow noodles! Dont miss it!


Terri @ hungerhunger said...

oh tt's my FAVORITE foochow noodles! we used to get it here but not anymore. i love foochow noodles like chicken wine men sen, rice pieces denben hu or something like tt. d only one i don't like-n ur aunty linda loves to cook-is fried n boiled yellow noodles.

Roger said...

Literally drooling when I see the picture... Must be the memory of the sourness of the soup...

Greg Wee said...

NEE: hi guys. i m in the midst of begging this uncle to take me as an apprentice hehehe...greg almost want to dig a hole and disappear when i start doing that.

Pray tat i am successful, then i can do a choa chai bee hoon tour to KK and melbourne.

Lawrence said...

What is the opening hours? Does it have a rest day?

Greg Wee said...

NEE: the uncle told me they open early morning around 6 ish. normally it is opened during lunch til even three ish i think cause we brought frens there. don know about at nite or rest day. will need to find out. will post it once we have the info. oh oh wait i have the number 246051

sarawakiana said...

Dear Greg and Nee,

I taught with this uncle (name is Mr. Augustine Huang) and he is from Sibu. He was an Art teacher.
Please say hi and congrats to him.

He will remember the English teacher who taught with him in Methodist School , Sibu. Let him guess and he will tell you my name. I then went to Miri to teach in Kolej TDTH Bujang.....

I don't know if I have a chance to eat there by year end. My mum, sisters are all living in Kuching.

thanks for the intro.....

Great photo of Mr. Huang.


Greg Wee said...

NEE: yes you are rite. He is Augustine. Welcome sarawakiana to our blog. His wife and him are so nice. so generous with letting me learn from them. i have to do a cd for them with all the photos taken.

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