Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Steaming Titanic!

After our KL trip, we cant get rid of the yummy steamboat taste. It lingers. Well, it haunts us!!
So to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, we had my in laws (my mum and dad still away in Shanghai) and say yi's and family and 2koo over for wat else: Steamboat (Chinese Version: Fire Pot). Well, I m going to kill two birds with one blog. You can take this as a guideline for your steamboat as well.

Greg: This is what Nee prepared. It wasn't just any steamboat, it was a Super Steaming Titanic!!!

Let's see. Got fresh mackarel fishballs - all homemade. Slurrrrp! Saliva coming out like waterfall!

Got teochew style fish noodle. Made of fresh mackarel fish into a fish dough before cooking. Slurrrrp! Absolutely my favourite! This can be one soupy dish by itself.

Nee: Will blog about this recipe soon. Fresh homemade noodles which had not failed to get raving comments.

You can do a assorted platter of vegetables with fish paste made fresh ~ ladyfingers, chillis, shitake mushrooms, bittergourd, egg roll fish cakes, fish cakes in beancurb sheets.

Same fish paste can also be made into Hakka Style Yong Tau Fu ~ I deep fried the pieces here, if you are conscious about fats, steam it will do.

Other items, you can get fresh from market depending on whats good that day:

Red snapper and prawns

Shabu shabu style lamb and beef thin slices. You can pre ordered this from your butcher and in my case, Good old Choice Daily. This is a must! Dont go for any other cut when it come to steam boat

Pork balls ~ BAtu Kawa Old Township is good. Pork slices ~ according to my butcher, hold your knife at 45 deg to slice and seasoned slightly with salt. Meat is more tender that way. Well he is right! What can i say! This fellow looks so cold he hardly smile like he will chop you up if you ask too much but he is a nice bloke and his meat is the cleanest. Located at 3rd mile this store called Agriculture.
Beef Tripes ~ should have cooked it up first!

Dont forget your greens, mushrooms series. Greg the lazy bum just could not be bothered taking photos. Men! Vegie is vegie what is there to talk about.!

Finally the almighty Soup base. I formulated a NEE's herbal version (had about 25 ingredients) with bones and a whole kampung chicken. Don worry i took my list to chinese sen sei he says nothing clashes or is poisonous. So guys if you get a tummy ache it is not the soup ok! Somehow in a weird way, it turns out smelling like bak kut teh but luckily it did not taste like it. No MSG required cause it has so many things. You can use simple chicken base with pork bones or beef bones with just ginger, garlic, red dates, thornberry, yu zhu, sham si and dang shen. Guarantee sweet tasting! Cant give you my exact version. Think need some improvement. Guinea pig anyone?

Like Aunty Terry will tell you. Freshness and Quality is important! You dont have to make everything from scratch. Just buy really fresh ingredients. This firepot is for those of you in London, USA and Canada. Heard it is snowing in Canada already. Oooh, imagine hot steaming steamboat!!!

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Pau said...

wow.... sim nee, what a delicious and yummy steamboat la....

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