Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Last piece of Mooncake left over in Nee's Mooncake Marathon ~ Lotus with salted egg yolk

The Chinese in the world has their fair shares of celebrations and festivals. Mid Autum Festival or sometimes called the Mooncake Festival originates from the time the Hans wanted to overthrow the Mongolians. As the Mongolians (Yuan Dynasty) keep tight watch on the peoples' activities, the Hans formulated a way of passing messages on rebellion stuffed in little cakes. These little innocent cakes got pass the soldiers and the Hans rose during the night of the full moon which is Mid Autumn and the Mongolians were overturned.

These little cakes are what we see today as MoonCakes abeilt that they come in so many sizes, forms, shapes and tastes. As Chinese, I do believe in many of its values and traditions. Mid Autumn Festival as one of them had given many many of us very fond memories of childhood and lanterns and moon cakes. Do keep up this tradition. Dont give it up just because you are in places where this is not important. Dont forget to pass it on to our children. Give them their fond memories. Instill their roots!

This is also a time for family. As the chinese always says "Raise your head you see the full round moon, then bend down to remember home and family". So Remember them. We cant see all of you tonite but you are in our prayers and thoughts. This is our little message in the little mooncakes.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival! May God grace you with good health and a happy heart!

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