Wednesday, September 19, 2007

When I Came Home Today...

... I press the button and three of these things popped up!

Auntie Nee's Soft Almond Pretzels! Foochow Kiasu size!

Those things were gigantic, not like Auntie Anne's in KL.

See, I told you Auntie Anne's were small.


Roger said...

So many oily stuffs? Not good for heart leh...Maybe should explore some thing good for health and yet taste good. Some ideas e.g. avocado ice-cream, salmon pie, green tea ice-cream, low fat yogurt

Greg Wee said...

When the woman cooks, you eat Roger! You have got much to learn! :)

NEE: WEll these few days more oily stuff la...not like all the time. cannot be that bad once in a while ba. jealous ka?

Roger said...

Yeah I know. I shouldn't to be blunt. When woman cook oily stuff, I should just say Grease is Groovy ...:P

Greg Wee said...

you are learning boy

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