Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jacky Cheung is Still The Heavenly King!

I finally understood what canto-pop is all about after 20 over years. To sum it all up, canto-pop is Jacky Cheung. He is still the Heavenly King. If music is religion, then it is working very well. He still commands the audience in a god-like manner.
When Jacky presses a button, the audience screams, including Nee. When he hits a note, they scream. When he gestures, they scream. I think when he farts, they will also scream.

I'm glad that we were sitting far enough for Nee to be restraint a bit. I'm glad the aunties there didn't attempt to throw their undergarments onto the stage. I would have needed my eye-mo.

Nee bought this flourescent blinking stick which has 3 modes of lighting.

Red Darth Maul mode
Blue Jedi mode
Psychedelic Everything-also-got Disco mode

The stick costs RM5 and comes with a ear-splitting whistle.

The Heavenly Whistle in its immaculate condition

The concert was a spectacle to behold.

Before the concert: Audience filling in the seats. 30,000 fans that night baby!

Joom in: A closer view of the stage

The lights, stage, screen and pyrotechnics helped a lot as we were too far to see Jacky's face. The stage changes colour like the flourescent stick.

Blue Jedi Mode

Red Darth Maul mode

Watch Jacky's entrance!

To sum it up, Jacky still has power. He sings from his soul. He draws you emotionally into his songs. People say that he is already sunsetting. Someone in the audience shouted, 'Man Man Hang'. Even if that is true, I know it will be a glorious one for him.

Concert pics and video courtesy of CK.

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