Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Bestest Steaming Boat in Town!

We went to Tien Siang Steamboat on our first night in KL.
The thing with this place is that it's got the whole package. The first surprise is when you step in. They bang the gong. So you enter like some big shot emperor. But the bad news was that we unknowingly went through the back door. Silly Sakais from Kuching.

The second thing that you'd notice about this place is that the waitresses are from China.

CK was mesmerised (notice how his vision blurs at the unecessary areas). Well, he had every right to, since he's still single, available, eligible and very much financially able. (A note to all aunties. Please spread the word. And if you have under 35 unmarried daughters)

I was happy cos we didn't have to do the work ourselves. The waitresses were always nearby and ready to rock & roll whenever we needed them.

Rock & Rolling! Strong China arms make strong Chinese steamboat!

The third thing about this place is the food.

The steamboat soup base seems to be made up of a secret and magical concoction of 1001 spices (NEE Says: Big Cannnon of Greg. The Lady boss says got like 64 and no ajinomotos. We did not feel thirsty after so must be quite true).

Of course I had no clue at all what was inside. But Nee was right on it, playing CSI, slowly dissecting and analysing the contents (NEE Says: Figure out about only 10 or so), while CK and I just ate away.

The fourth thing is that this place serves a very special kind of tea. It looks black.

I suppose it has some beneficial or medicinal properties cos for the next couple of days, I was able to make very smooth, dark coloured 'cakes'. Unfortunately I have no photos of it to share with you. I'm sure you would have liked to see my creations
(NEE says: Please B, Dont get so vivid).

But of course, all this comes with a price. When the bill came, it also made us feel like a big shot emperor.

This is how NEE rates the place:

Service 10/15 (would be better if the waiteress did not push us so irritatingly to buy the vouchers. Nee got pissed after like saying 10X NOs. Should have approach CK, hai silly her)

Ambience 13/15 (Pot is hot and boiling all the time but place is cold enough, cutlery is clean, place is well decorated and no loud annoying music so we can talk. Foongsin and Richard our good frens from KL joined us so we really want to catch up)

Food 58/60 (According to Lady Boss most things are homemade (like mongolian pau which goes into the soup, la mien, fish balls; soup and tea is nice; food is creative and nice and fresh, wooooo the meat ~ lamb, beef, ostrich, pork soooo thinly nice like shabu shabu and so fresh, variety good but portions can be slightly bigger)

Value for Money 6/10 ( heay we pay about rm60 over per person, though we did not attempt to chew plates but it is still pricy, not like you can afford every week kinda thing)

Overall, about 8.5/10

We got 8.5 on our faces!

Place is in Jalan Pudu, behind Times Square

All photos courtesy of CK.

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