Thursday, September 20, 2007

Puppy Power: Super Cuteness!

My in laws are away and we're helping to look after their brand new pups.
So a couple of days ago, in great anticipation, we went to the petshop to get some stuff.

A Twin Action Feeding Bowl

Two ultra-cute leashes with bells

Some pet food

A cool portable collapsible cage.

AutoCage Transform!

I don't know what you're thinking, but I think we over did it a bit.

Most people would just chuck their dogs into a cardboard box with some old newspaper. And they would eat leftovers out of some old unwanted bowl.

I guess we're spoiling them. Just look at them.

Fatso No.1 Fatty bom-bom. Leader of the pack. You should see his butt when he walks. It looks like he's wearing diapers.
Fatso No. 2 Slow in everything. But just as fat.
No, we didn't get this from the toy store. It is real and alive.

The Three Dogs

Hmm... good quality fur.

Hmm... tender muscles.

Now they look like they're in a back alley restaurant somewhere in Cambodia.
Guess what I had for dinner?
Nolah. Just Chicken Wings. hehehe.


Terri @ hungerhunger said...

Oooooo...i just want to hold n sniff them!!!super super cute!!!

Roger said...

Cherish the moment before these things turn into monsters!!!!

Anonymous said...

Woooo.... what a cute doggies...

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