Thursday, December 25, 2008

Amazing Race's Last Leg: Oyster On Little Bourke

Our 7 days in Melbourne had been an Amazing Race. If the real show on TV was about hunting down exquisite restaurants & then stuffing our faces with food, then we would have won. Thanks to Roger who had been gracious enough to bring us to all these excellent places.

Our flight back to KL was around midnight. So that meant we were able to squeeze in one more meal for that last 100 metres sprint. And so we squeezed in the Oyster on Little Bourke.

The place certainly looked & felt very the posh. Even the waiter & the service were poshy. Not to mention the price as well.

We ordered the tasting platter which turned out to be commonly disappointing.

Fortunately the Pacific Oyster platter was better.

Those little munchkins were really fresh but then again Victoria Market would have just as fresh ones as well. We also ordered some harvey bay scallops which came with lime and chilli dressing. Nice, but really nothing to shout about.

Grilled Kingfish. Seriously average.

Crayfish ravioli. Juicy and al dente.

Veal cutlets with Parmesan Cheese.
Ehmmm.... tasted just like British food with the British-like gravy and the British-like peas.

In terms of fine dining standards, we felt this place was missing something, which turned out to be the WOW factor. I mean the standard was good, but that's just expected from the kind of price that we were paying. The problem was, there were no surprises.
Maybe we were just overstuffed. It was a bit unfortunate that this anti-climactic experience actually concluded the last leg of our binging trip in Melbourne. But nevertheless, looking back, we had some really amazing highlights - Lunch at Tuck's Ridge, Italian at Villa Romana, Chocolates at Koko Black, Thai Fusion at Longrain, Korean at Hallah, Peking Duck at Old Kingdom & Dim sum at East Imperial.

I think Roger has proven himself to be a worthy food enthusiast & could very well make an excellent Food Consultant. I think he should be knighted for that. Maybe something like The Royal Cuisine Commander of the British Empire.

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