Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chocolate High at Koko Black

One of the things that we didn't try out on our trip to Melbourne 2 years ago was Koko Black, a specialty chocolate shop/cafe. So, this time around, we made sure that it was on our hit list.

Koko Black turned out, as we found out, to be one of Melbourne's very own local brand, which originates from Melbourne. So that got us even more excited cos this meant that it was hardly available outside of Australia. And anyway, who in the world can resist chocolate? But a word of advice, don't go near dinner time or else there will be no room for anything after that.

Being Melbourne Chocolatiers, KB has lived up to its reputation of fine chocolating. This shop at Lygon is tastefully decorated with tables inside and outside. When we walked in, our five senses were totally bombarded with Chocolates, more Chocolates and more-than-more Chocolates everywhere in the shop. I mean just by being in there could make you diabetic.

Greg's unnecessary caption: A chocolate Christmas "
bear suffocating in plastic wrap, probably diabetic as well.

The shop front has hand made chocolate at AUD 1.65/piece (about RM4) or AUD12/100gm (RM28) for about 7-8 pieces. You can choose to buy in boxes of 6 or other combinations. The varieties available are just irresistible. They've got dark choc, milk with nuts, pralines, ganaches, fruits, liquors, & truffles of the third kind.

The shop has an interesting window display of what happens in the kitchen where you can see the chef in action.

Greg's unnecessary caption: This would be useful in Malaysian restaurants.
You can actually see whether the waiters spit into your drinks or not.

We went for the Belgian Spoil which comes with two hot chocolate drinks, which we changed to iced chocolates for AUD75 cents more each. This was what it looked like.

At that point, we were assessing our trip so far & were asking ourselves what was the thing that we had that made us go mmmm. Well, this iced chocolate drink was it.

The choc ice cream was also excellent.

So was the cup of silky choc mousse.

And so was the little choc muffin.

And also the shortbread and two handmade chocolate of the day.

This is Greg still looking ok, just after gulping down the chocolates, before the zits started popping up like volcanoes.

He just got back from work at Hawthorn/Prahran & he was ready for some action, & he got it. There were lots of seismic volcanic action on his face the next day.

Mission accomplished. The hit list hitted. The next hit target for our next trip in April will be the Max Briner choc shop NYAHAHAHAHAHA.

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simplyjojo said...

Wow... chocolates! I wanna go... may I know the address? I will put it down on my 'target' list...

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