Friday, December 26, 2008

A Greg & Nee Christmas

It's been a while since we really made the effort to do up the house for Christmas. This year, out of the blue, Nee suddenly sprang into action & brought all these back from Green Gallery. NEE: I was inspired by all the pretty things at Terri's blog. :)

For those in Kuching, Green Gallery is an excellent place to shop for home & festive decor stuff. They actually import & export these things, & so they have a very very wide selection. So if you're looking for decorative items done in good taste, head on to Green Gallery. You won't need, let me rephrase that, you DON"T WANT to go anywhere else after that.

This holly was from the previous Christmas. It has survived well.

Over the years, we have always dreaded to setup the Chrismas tree having the impression that it takes a lot of time & effort to do it up & then having to take it down again later on. Yes, we've been guilty of leaving the Christmas tree in the store room for the past two Christmases. I think Santa wasn't too happy with us then. But this year, Nee & I have been very good.

And as usual, Nee's Kitchen was in full swing at this time of the year. It was a tornado in there & stress levels were at an all time high.

But in the end, it was beautiful. We had a little Christmas Eve dinner last night with our immediate famly members. There were about 9 pax altogether, but I think Nee overshot & cooked for 30 people instead, as usual. I'll just let Nee bring you through the menu.

Hi Guys! Nee here. There were 2 starters, 5 sides, 3 mains and desserts + cheese platters with fruits.

Side 1: Sweet Honey Pea with Hollandaise sauce. I decided to plate this. Greg took the picture upside down. Suppose to look like flowers.

(Greg: I noticed that this year's presentation was more creative & artsy. I wish I could say that I had something to do with that, but honestly speaking, I had nothing to do with it)

Nee: This was the starter 1 - French Bread Foie Gras & Provencal Pork Terrine (hand carried from Melbourne).
Starter 2: Pork Rilletes with gherkins and caper berries and the highlight ~ Italian Proscuitto (hand carried from Singapore) rolled with cantaloupes.

Main 1: Chestnut Stuffing. This was very the last minute and I really don't like stuffing in birds. So we did that separately in a roll.

Main 2: Roasted Chicken, in place of Turkey which we weren't really keen.

Highlight main 3: Christmas ham on the bone.
This fellow is from Melbourne as well. I glazed it with apple and honey, rebake it and it really taste good

Side 2: Mango and Macadamia Nuts with Garden Vegetables and 4 year old Modena Balsamic vineger and olive dressings

Side 3: Pumpkin with pesto. Not too good because the pumpkin was a little wet.

Side 4: Potato Salad. A never fail.

And this, for my super traditional foochow father who only eats rice. Side 5: Pilaf Rice to give rice a upped touch.

For dessert: My last minute Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice cream & also English tea (Hand Carried from Fortnum & Mason).

And finally, different assorted cheeses like Comte Gruyere and Double Brie with fruits.

Don't you just want to be our friends?

All the same, we'd like to wish all our readers a very Happy, Peaceful & Blessed Christmas this year & have a good holiday!


terri@adailyobsession said...

absolutely beautiful & looks delicious. lucky guests to have all those hand-carried london fortnum & mason & melb food.

ur aunt linda leaving 2mrw. i'm a little sad...


Roger Ting said...

Wait a minute. Those food looks suspiciously familiar!

NEE said...

hi merry christmas aunty terri. yeah she is going tomolo. and you would have one less foodies to share cooking with you. well on the bright side she is in melbourne not greenland or alaska. need to be suspicious. you saw most of it in thier raw state. so this goes to prove that i do cook the things i buy. how is christmas dude... last night got 9 pax missing you and my sis in law. missing us?

Baby Sam said...

All that food looks YUMMY! :) :)


Rei said...

The food looks terrific! I'd probably drop dead if I cook all these.

NEE said...

hi baby sam. merry christmas to you too.

Rei, i am sure you can also. just take some planning ahead.

Scraped Knees said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
YY said...

How else can I feel more "English" x'mas besides reading your blog! Your food CONSTANTLY LOOKS GOOD and I bet it taste GREAT too!

*Sob sob* unfortunately, I'm not such a great cook! *how envy*... lucky Greg!

Your blog looks great! It's where I find comfort..hahahahahahaha..... strange but true.....

And the CNY cheesecake........ OMG! It's really OMG... drooollzzz!!!

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