Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Peking Duck at Old Kingdom

Everytime we come back to Melbourne, we have to have Peking Duck at this place called Old Kingdom in Fitzroy.

Hmmm, I know, the name Old Kingdom sounds a bit tragic but the duck is actually superb!

This was how the interior looks like. A bit basic with minimal decor, like the typical Chinaman kinda business. If you've got a table, chair & plates, & good food, then you're ready to do business.
This picture here of Roger ordering food reminds me of the Hong Kong movie Chicken & Duck Talk. Roger's pointing 3 with his fingers while the waiter is holding up 2 fingers. I think he needs new glasses.
The thing that I always enjoy here is the show that the waiters put on. They'd slice the duck meat with supersonic speed, & as they're doing that, they'll be talking & jesting with you.

What a show off.
Heheh. But seriously, it's quite entertaining.

The duck usually comes with the pancake wrap, cucumber & spring onion slices. Then the duck bones are cooked into soup with salty vegie and rest of the not so tender meat will be stir fry with bean sprouts. They are all in the one course, which can prob feed three to four nicely.

Ok, here's how you do it. STEP 1: Put slices of the duck, the cucumber & spring onion slices onto the pancake wrap.

STEP 2: Drizzle their sauce over it. Fold two sides inside onto each other.

STEP 3: Fold the top over the rest.

This is a very satisfied me trying to look very sophisticated, but ended up looking very ngiau.

A face like this is just waiting to be slapped.

This is Nee doing an impression of a Peking Duck.

I think this restaurant is only good for it's duck really. The pancake is really soft and thin while the duck slice is soooooo crispy on the skin that it crackles as we bite into it. The rest of the stuff that we ordered could have just come from any Batu Lintang restaurants in Kuching.

But you'd have to agree that the colour on this mix vegie is simply fantastic.

The stir fry bean sprout with duck meat.

I didn't really like the duck soup. In fact I didn't even touch it at all, cos I didn't want to overrride the excellent Peking Duck after taste which was still in my mouth. Nee and Roger liked it though. Nee: It felt very much like pushing the heat down kind of taste. Refreshing I supposed.

So verdict is Old Kingdom is an excellent place for Peking Duck, but for Peking Duck only. Then again we hardly ever try any other types of dishes besides this one.


Roger Ting said...

Next time when you guys are here again. I would bring you guys to this place. They have a branch in Melbourne. The group is famous for its peking duck in China. I tried before and it is pretty good.


terri@adailyobsession said...

old kingdom is very --what's the word. last yr, we tried to book a table n they were full but would give us only if we order 2 ducks. now what kind of restaurant pushes 2 ducks into the throats of a family of 5?? of cos i didn't put up with tt bullying. no one is going to cow--or is it duck--me into submission.

ur captions r funny;DD

KittyCat said...

We just had this at the famous QuanJuDe restaurant in Beijing! And yup, it WAS delicious :)

Btw, would you know any home bakers in Kuching? Gonna celebrate my tot's 3 yo birthday there and looking for Thomas the Train cakes or cupcakes...

Hope you can email me at kittycat[at]live[dot]com? Thanks!

Mom with a Mac said...

Laughed myself silly at "nee's impression of the duck!"...hilarious!

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