Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Full to the Brim at Stoker

I thought I was going to burst after the 6 course dinner at New Kum Den with Nee's cousins John, Michelle & Sharon.

No, this wasn't what we ate, fortunately. I just thought that visually, this was the best way to decribe how full I felt.

Sorry for the distraction. (But that's exactly what the puffing is for)

Because the night was still young (or not so young), Roger suggested for us to hang out at a wonderful tea house at Little Collins Street. But unfortunately, luck was just not on our side. It looked like a nice place but it was closing when we reached there.

So then we decided to head to Stokers, the pancake place that Roger had been raving about for days. It was a bit out of the way cos it took a bit of a drive to reach there.

But I wasn't so sure whether it was really that far away, or that Roger was going around in circles to buy us more time for digestion. But anyway, when we got there, we had consolidated ourselves for more food.

This place, according to Roger, has good pancakes, good drinks, & is a nice place to bring girls to. Nee & I thought the first two were very good reasons, but the third didn't really apply to an uncle & auntie like us.

Well, he was right. Stoker had very very extremely low lighting with nice wooden tables and a huge heating stove which makes it a nice cozy place to snuggle up during winter. I don't know about Roger or John, or the snuggling, but Nee & I were definitely there for the food.

Being a big fan of American pancakes, I was a bit apprehensive at how the 'Australian' pancakes here would turn out. The drawings on the wall, although a nice touch, did not reassure me.

But when the drinks came, I was sold. The iced chocolate & iced mocha were TO DIE FOR.

We also DIEDED for the pancakes - chery & banana with rum.

That night, I switched allegiance to Australian pancakes.


Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

SO CUTE O the FISH!!!!!!

ET女子 said...

isnt Globefish??really cute~~~~

Greg Wee said...

Hi ChickyEGG & ET. Those were photos of the puffer fish which I 'borrowed' from Google images. Nee thought that they looked disgusting. :)

simplyjojo said...

Very cute looking puffer fish.... kawaii!

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