Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Journey to the Centre of the Tart

After our first unsuccessful attempt at finding food in Macau, we were back again. Our 5 days in Hong Kong was a good boot camp training. We walked, we mapped, we searched, we ate & we conquered Hong Kong. Macau was now child's play for us.

We took the ferry back to Macau again, & as soon as we touched down, we took the bus to Coloane Village.
This is just to make the story more exciting lah. Actually we checked into the hotel first heheh.

It's always nice to take the bus. You get to rub shoulders with the locals.

These are the local Macau people. Look at them. They are so happy & healthy. Must be the tarts.

From the journey, you can get a clearer sense of how fast Macau is developing.

As you go further & further away from the city centre, across the bridge & onto the Coloane island, time begins to stand still again.

If you've seen Miyazaki's Totoro then you'll find this place familiar.

This reminded me of Totoro's bus stop.

This is where Totoro goes to when he needs to pee or make cakes.

Coloane turned out to be a quaint little village with a touch of European architecture.

It had a little market which was closed.

In fact, the whole village seemed to be closed.

From time to time, a bunch of muscular blue cadets would burst out from nowhere. This should excite the ladies.

The Venetians got here first before we did. I hope they didn't eat everything.

You've heard the theory about how we humans emerged from Africa. Well, this is the place where the Portugese Egg Tart was created.

This is the Epicentre of Egg Tarts. Ground zero baby.

Apparently egg tart was introduced here in Asia quite recently in the 80s. I was quite surprised by that fact. I thought that it has always been in Asia since ancient times.

And this is the guy who's responsible for it all.

Andrew Stow, The Lord of the Tarts.

And these are the Ladies of the Tarts.

The bakery does carry a limited range of other things like cheesecakes & pastries.

These are Chocolate Pies first created by Andrew Stow in 2003 for his Korean Franchise.

At MOP6 (RM3) each, we didn't buy,
If you asked us why,

They looked a bit dry,

so we didn't try.

Thank you very much.

Our mistake was to order these Sweet Mango drinks. They just DO NOT go with egg tarts.

The secret to these tarts are the caramalised sugar toppings which give them a blackened surface.

Superbly yummyliciously excellent!

This is one of the few things on earth that lets us have a taste of what heaven is like.

They were a bit different compared to the ones in Hong Kong, in terms of the pastry. I thought this was much better, but I'd have the hong Kong ones anytime also.

Unfortunately, we can't say the same for the cheesecakes.

How do I put it? They're edible, but they more of a burden, cos you've got to finish them off. And we didn't have hot tea to go with it. Instead, we were having cold mango drinks in the freezing weather.

At this point, I'd like to think that we've conquered Macau, but there's more to come... heheheh.


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

yes, lord stowe's egg tarts r heavenly!

Sarawakiana said...

When can we eat your Egg Tarts in Kuching? Let me know. I am sure you had a great time.

If I say we have nothing to eat in Miri, what would you say?


Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

wei! why the way they wrap the cheesecake, as if like , dont bother whether ppl wnats to buy or not, as long as I have cut & wrap my cake, U get what i mean? ahaha like very ' cin cai " like that

wei! i am a big fanz of Miyakazi's moviesss!!!!Dunno if u remember in the Howl's Moving Castle, there's one scene, where the guy is resting/recovering in his bedroom that one? WOW!! so ..( can't describe with words!) hahaha !

luv allll his films.

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

omg, i m too concentrate with Ah Beng's miyakazi, until i didnt realise my coffee is spilling over my table!! no wonder my sleeve so basah one!!! haha

Greg Wee said...

Glad to have found another Miyazaki fan, who also likes food!

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