Thursday, June 5, 2008

Coloane Village in One Hour

Welcome to the village of Coloane!

You may not notice it but I have a potted plant in between my legs.

We were in Coloane Village for one reason only & that was for the famous Portugese Egg Tart. But Coloane Village turned out to be a very nice little place after all with a touch of Europe.

I do not know what the population size of this place is, & we never really saw a lot of local folks hanging around the time we were there. The town seemed empty & deserted. Maybe they were fed up with all the hoo-ha with the tarts & moved out.

These were definitely not local fishermen. They were police cadets in training from an academy nearby, up the hill.

And these were their superiors packing up to go home. You kinda feel safe with them around.

And these were probably local folks or folks from Macau city walking their dogs to tender their muscles & their meat up for dinner later.

Nolah, I don't think modern educated Macau people eat dogs anymore.

They're spoiling them instead as you can see.

Coloane Village is very small.

In fact, it is so small that if you hire a tourist guide to bring you around, he'll do it sitting down, & just point to the places from where he's sitting.

So there weren't any tour agencies there.

In fact, there wasn't even anything remotely related to tourism there.

There weren't any shops selling Coloane keychains or Coloane fridge magnets. And if you wanted one, you won't even be able to find them.

So similarly, if you were looking for T-shirts that said "I Ate Egg Tarts at Colloane Village", they do not exist.

I think the people there were just going about with their daily lives.

There were a lot of these funny things growing on top of the roofs.

I hope they're not poppies or marijuana.

In Macau, I realised that the only Portugese influence that you can find are in the food, the road signs & the architecture.

Other than that, the Chinese there are pretty much going about their own thing & getting on with their lives as usual without being affected much.

And this is the Eduardo Marques Square.

The Chapel of St. Francis Xavier.

We did all this in about an hour & that's all you'd probably need cos you would not want to miss the bus back before it gets dark.


Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

i love the buildings, though they are old, but very antique and seems like each of them has its own history!
hey, i think this village really not much population worr.. most of ur pics dont have "ppl" one ! hahahahaha , really looks like " loong mao" village ;)

Greg Wee said...

Yeah, I think if you live here, you'll probably have to learn to talk to yourself cos there's nobody else around. The people who come here wouldn't be able to talk to you cos their mouths are too full with tarts.

Brede said...

now we know where Totoro came from! all those egg tarts must have magical powers...

Greg Wee said...

Of course! What a revelation! TART = TARToro = Totoro!!!! I feel like the crazy Profesor in Back to the Future realising the Flux Capacitor.

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