Monday, March 17, 2008

Chris Patten's Egg Tarts

Chris Patten was Hong Kong's last British Governor before the handover. He had this thing for egg tarts.
Look at him. He practically ate his way thru the handover.

And for him, it wasn't just any Ah Fook, Ah Keong or Ah Hwa egg tarts mind you. This Governor had to have the Tai Cheong Bakery egg tarts.
It's in this bakery that the best egg tarts in the whole of Hong Kong are made.

Just look at this photo. The egg tarts must be d*mn good for the governor to become such good friends with the owner. One bite & friends forever. So brader brader.

The shop also sells other types of pastries but it doesn't seem like anybody's touching them.

When we got there, there was already a small line of people. Obviously we were not the only tourists there. There were a few Koreans who also managed to find their way to this little egg tart heaven.
In fact, the place was quite easy to find. It's located at 35, Lyndhurst Terrace, Central.
Tel: 852-2544-3475
OpeningHours: 7.30am-8.30pm
Directions: Central MTR Station, exit D1 & D2

Look at all those boxes. The owner must be making millions. If I'd known that earlier, I'd have considered taking up baking lessons a long time ago. Then you'd also see me buddy buddy with Chris Patten.

And naturally, one's head would grow to this size if we're buddy-buddy-ing along with a Governor.

Ironically, the best egg tarts in Hong Kong doesn't look they're coming from the best kitchen in the world. But I'm sure these kitchen hands are well paid despite their appearance.

The difference with the egg tarts here is that the pastry uses almond meal instead of regular flour.

HKD3.50 (RM1.50) for a piece of heavenly bliss.

This is the mother of all egg tarts. "I gave birth to all you tarts out there! Pay your respects!"


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

is it really tt good bc my HK friend said there's no diff with other egg tarts, n tt it's the tourists who go there so we didn't bother. but it sure looks yummy n makes me want some right now. i'm going to go get some right now, this minute after isign off. Dott's egg tarts. do u have tt in Kuching? pretty satisfying too.

Greg Wee said...

Yes, it's really that good. But there's even better ones in Macao!

Dott's? Uhhh, what's that? Kuching no have nothing. I think you can measure the backwardness of a place by the number of BN seats that won.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

haha, trying to swipe at sabah ah?! well in % to the total no of seats, we r still slightly ahead...

Greg Wee said...

Hi Terri, I was talking about Sarawak :)

crystalclear said...

how do u know they use almond meal?

Greg Wee said...

Actually I don't. I'm the last person to actually know what I'm eating but the food guide book told me so.

NEE said...

Hi Crystal clear, to help greg answer that, yes the guide book stated that.

And as a regular baker myself, i also used almond meal to enhance flavour and texture of my sweet crust pastry. It is actually quite common for recipes to have that. but of course the ratio will vary from baker to baker. hope that helps you.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

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